RG15 Optical rain gauge


We are facing two problems with RG15. Why is the library function not working properly and how can I reset the total rain count for RG15? Can anyone assist me?

Hi - it’s unclear from your post what you actually require. This forum is for Home Assistant and ESPHome open source projects.

If you are after information for using RG15 with ESPHome - it can be found here:

If you question is purely about using RG15 with a vendor supplied library, this is not the place to ask, sorry.

I need to reset the total accumulation value for each 24hrs. How to reset the total accumulation value of RG15.

Again - are you running ESPHome or Home Assistant? If not then we cannot assist you.

yeah. pls help me

Fast running out of patience. If you are using ESPHome, please post your existing yaml making sure to use preformatted text tags.

If you are receiving data from the RG15 into Home Assistant some other way, please describe how.