Riemann sum integral sensor no update

I created a Riemann sum integral sensor using the helpers. Setting I used as following

but the sensor hasn’t been updated even though I used that plug to charge my phone.
how do I update it?
how long does it take to register first value?

Try using the Left integration method. Trapezoidal only works well for slowly and evenly changing inputs, like a sine wave. Left (or right) works well for spiky on/off inputs.

Also doesn’t look like you yet have more than the 5Wh needed to round up into the 0.01kWh reading.


so it has be at least 0.005kWh to be rounded to 0.01kWh? That is what I was suspecting, try to increase the load on it.

Also do use the left method.

how can I change the method from UI now?

Go to the entities list and click on your entity.

Do you mean developer tools?


Configuration / Devices & Services / Entities

how to change the method from here?


how to change method now

Click “Configure State”.

This is option for precision only

I created a new sensor using the left method. the difference is huge, Trapezoidal method shows usage of 0.04kWh while the left method shows usage of 0.11kWh for the same period of time. Time is in Urdu, I don’t know why other things haven’t changed to Urdu too.

You should attempt to understand the math.

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I’m trying to change the state from trapezoidal to left - but there is no “configure state” option for these integrations. All I have is precision. Is this a bug in the UI?

I have the same question - I see no option in an existing Riemann sum integral sensor to change the method.

I wonder if you can’t change the integration method after the sensor is created because it would invalidate much of the previous data…maybe that’s why you have to create a new one.

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