Rointe WIFI enabled electric radiators

OK, so I’ve found your GitHub - tggm/rointe-sdk: Rointeconnect SDK which I’m assuming is what is required, but no details on what to do with this…

OK - So, with a bit more googling…

Updated the manifest.json with the following to download sdk:

"requirements": ["git+"],

Following this, was able to add the Rointe integration, adding my details.

Now I see the following error in the logs and the integation section shows it has errored:

homeassistant fc9e62b21792[699]: RuntimeError: I/O must be done in the executor; Use `await hass.async_add_executor_job()` at custom_components/rointe/, line 51: api = RointeAPI

Now I truly am stuck :frowning:

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Hi! I have six Rointe radiators which I would love to link up to HA. I’m relatively new to all this but very happy to provide whatever support I can!

Hi @RealGandy - I have also encountered the exact same issue.

I am not familiar with these coding / debugging issues, but as a simple check, I edited the line 51 on the file, to the following, to see if it would quickly solve the I/O error we are seeing:

api = await hass.async_add_executor_job(RointeAPI,[CONF_USERNAME],[CONF_PASSWORD])

But, sadly, this didn’t solve.

@tggm - do you have any thoughts on what needs to be modified please? Any assistance would be greatly welcomed as there’s a lot of interest in trying to solve the Rointe HA integration.

Sorry about this. It’s work in progress that I committed to the repo and cause it to be broken. I’ll try to fix things to be stable and testable again and update here when done.

@novice_user , @RealGandy , @domdtyler

Should be fixed now. I’ve removed the code I’ve been working to another place.

Please download the code again from: core/homeassistant/components/rointe at rointe-integration · tggm/core · GitHub

and follow the rest of the steps

Thank you @tggm - appreciate the rapid fix. Now working as expected - tested with a couple of Rointe radiators and controls work well! Thanks for the update.

If find issues or have suggestions please come over to discord. I’m tg#1169 there.

Thank you @tggm - I’m curious if there’s any chance to add power consumption / monitoring too? One of the disappointing things about the Rointe app is that this is an advertised benefit of the radiators - but I don’t think it has ever worked in app (and no sign of being fixed). If this was available to pull in via the API, would be a really nice feature to add to HA.

Thanks again!

Nice - thanks @tggm now have it running and collecting data.

@novice_user I’ve had power consumption and cost data since Dec 2019 on the app…?

@novice_user Yes, that’s a possibility (eventually).

The reason you don’t have consumption on the Rointe app is because you need to update the firmware of the radiators. Thing is, you need to do it locally, using the radiator’s own control panel. The app does not notify you that an update is required.

Follow these instructions:

Follow the " Update from the Rointe product control panel" section. After that you should have consumption values in the official app.

Thanks @tggm for the information. Have successfully updated the radiator firmwares and now can see the energy consumption data. Really appreciate your guidance on resolving this!

Regarding HACS try: GitHub - tggm/rointe-hacs: A HACS repo for the Home Assistant Rointe Integration

Keep in mind that you have to remove the existing integration and remove the folder custom_components/rointe before

Does this integration work in a private network or does it use the cloud?.
I’m trying to avoid cloud systems (too slow) and I would like to connect directly to the device (radiator in this case).

If not, is it working good?. Do you have any screenshot in HA?. It would be nice to have a readme filled to see more details about it.

Good job mate!

@charlie663 I am just an end user, but this is my take…

It’s cloud. It uses the same cloud endpoints that the Rointe app uses.

It polls to collect data so this is as often as you want the polling to be [or as configured in the integration - not looked into a way to change this, nor does it appear to need changing] and would be no different if cloud or local.

Taking actions to make changes via HA are instant. The Rointe app also shows those changes, e.g switching to manual, changing target temperature etc almost as you make the change in HA.

There is a slight delay in any config changes via the Rointe app reaching HA due to the polling frequency.

Default is a thermostat widget:


This has the standard thermostat controls and shows both target and current temperature as well as current settings. Here you can see that I am using the schedule (calendar icon) and its currenlty on ‘comfort’ setting of 19C and current temp is also 19C. You can turn to manual, turn it off, adjust the target temperature etc as you would expect.

What I find most appealing is that the current and target temperature data granularity is much better than in the app, so I can work to tweak when it needs to come on to get to target temp by a certain time. My aim is to be able to use HA to turn it on and off as needed by working out the heating profile based on outside temperature. Currently working towards this with data such as this:

Hope that helps you

This is a great integration and I have managed to get it working when using the Thermostat widget but I can’t seem to make it work within a script. Setting the heat mode/preset seems to be ignored. The temp setpoint can’t be set in a script but I assume that’s intended.

When setting via a scene, I seem to be able to set the temp but the heat mode/preset reset themselves and don’t save.

I suspect I am doing something wrong! Any help appreciated as I am trying to control the radiators using a calendar integration.

Sorry for the delay, I somehow messed up the notification.

This uses the cloud. By “cloud” I mean Rointe API’s. I don’t have a way to access the radiator directly. However you can help by asking Rointe for that. The more we complain… :slight_smile:

But it works good enough. I’m still finishing this. Probably I’m going to release a HACS integration before submitting as a proper official integration in HA.

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There are still some issues setting presets and mode. I’m restarting work on this integration.

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Hi, when you said “add a version parameter at the end”, what version should we use? the actual firmware on the heater??
I’m having this error on the log:
“Unable to install package rointe-sdk==0.0.1: ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement rointe-sdk==0.0.1 (from versions: none) ERROR: No matching distribution found for rointe-sdk==0.0.1 WARNING: You are using pip version 20.2.4; however, version 21.3.1 is available. You should consider upgrading via the ‘/usr/local/bin/python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip’ command.”

I’ve tried updating the manifest.json as comented here, but now the rointe integration don’t show any more when I click add integration

The author has created a HACS repository, so I use this now, see: Post showing Rointe HACS repository

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