Rointe WIFI enabled electric radiators

Hola desde la app y desde la web de rointe accedo sin probkemas y controlo los radiadores. Dispongo de 7 Radiadores WIFI Serie D, de diferentes potencias, y por la integracion en HA por Hacs, no veo ninguno radiador. Es valido hacerlo solo con la integracion existente de hacs, o hay que hacer algo mas manual?. gracias Solucion?

Check if you have homeassistant up to date. Currently the HACS integration targets version 2022.11.0.

Hola gracias por responder. Actualizado todo el sistema HA a la ultima version de diciembre 2022. Persiste el problema. No me detecta dispositivos la integracion.

I replied to you on github.

I’m seeing that Belize and Olympia are supported on the offical rointe connect app (not the “lite” one). Try using the integration via HACS and check if your devices show up.

A new version has been released: 1.3.0 on HACS.

This update adds support for sub-zones. This fixes the issue some users were experiencing where the integration would install successfully but no devices were added.

Thanks for creating this integration. I’m completely new to Home Assistant. I have installed and all my rads show in both HA and in HomeKit, but I am struggling with the time taken for the commands to be received by the rads, its taking up to 6 minutes?
It also took up to 15 minutes to authenticate with my Rointe login details.
I am running HA on a Pi 4 with 2GB RAM, could this be the issue?
Appreciate any help & advice.

Hi @simonsimplenotts

It shouldn’t take that long. Commands are immediately dispatched to the Rointe API. The login is also very fast. I wonder if there might be a problem with rointe’s own API’s.

If you don’t notice latency or delays while using homeassistant I highly doubt your rPI is the cause.

I’ll try to take a look at the API during the weekend. Until then check to see if that behavior keeps repeating.

Yes, it’s very odd. I can use both the Rointe Connect website login and app with instant communication to the rads. I use them in a simple manual operation, on and off when required and set the temperature. But I notice HA has ignored this and keeps turning them on, along with the delays it’s hard to understand what is happening? Is there a log, and if so where do I find this to see if I can understand more?
Thanks for your help with this.

@tggm You still active? I raised an issue on your github a while back about the ‘target’ temperature not updating in HA when the schedule flips from Eco to Comfort, noit seen any kind of response.


Hello, sorry for the delay

I’m still active but I’m on vacation and will only be able pick this mid September

No rush, just wanted to check still about as issue was raised back in June. Enjoy your holidays.

@tggm (and others), it’s a long shot but I don’t suppose you’ve tried updating the ice temperature? Seems it is not supported as I get BAD_REQUEST back, but this seems a little odd to me given it’s there in the properties. Perhaps it genuinely is just hard coded to 7 degrees - sigh.

I’m using raw REST API as described earlier in the post. Can update other properties just fine…

@tggm first of all, thanks for the nice work!

I’ve got some Rointe D series Towel Rail, and I would love to know if it would be possible to add the functions “2 hours” that the towel rails have built in (basically it forces the towel rail to be on at full power for 2 hours to dry the towels, and then it turns off again (or come back to the previous state it was).

Di you think is possible?


Hi, @tggm impressive contribution!
It is working like a charm but as I automated the hell out of it (running a trigger automation every 5 seconds), i keep having the screen of the radiator to turn ON like evry 10seconds (annoying at night!)
Would you know of anyway to force it OFF by code (the display contrast control on the radiator itself seems to always be overriden by the HA call)?

I seem to be unable to successfully add this integration to HACS. Which repository type should I select? I tried AppDaemon and “Integration”, unfortunately no success with either…