Roller shutter with 2 stops

Hello, I’m a domoticz user and I was thinking to give Home assistant a try but first I would like to know if it can suite me or not :slight_smile: I have a kind of roller shutter that can collapse if fully down and they let the light pass through like a shutter ( not a roller shutter) so my 100% down is actually a shadow mode and I’ve full dark at around 80% or so. So i need more than up and down, I need a third position, this position can vary from roller shutter to roller shutter and I need a button for it, using the % position will be extremly unconfortable also I would need to remember at what % a certain roller shutter is full dark. So in domoticz I created a dummy switch called selector with 3 buttons Open /close /shadow. Is there a way to do something similar with home assistant? Thanks

That can be done of course. An option is something like this:

thank you that would do. I hope there are also ways to have a button for every state instead of a menu. But to begin is all I need