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There are instructions on how to retrieve the Roomba “BLID”, but they don’t seem compatible with Any ideas on how to find the BLID if you are running In addition to a RaspberryPi3 running, I have a windows 10 machine.

I was able to install python on my windows 10 PC and retrieve the BLID and password from my roomba by following these directions:

Now if we could display the “clean map” on the home assistant frontend this would really be awesome.

Since it’s a one time thing, you can ssh into the ssh addon and run the commands below to get the password. I doubt it’s necessary, but I use the SSH addon at Home Assistant Community Add-on: SSH & Web Terminal instead of the official SSH addon. The nice thing is that the next time you restart the ssh addon, these changes will be reverted.

apk add nodejs nodejs-npm
git clone
cd dorita980
npm install
npm run getpassword <robotIP>
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I am relatively new to all of this. You lost me at “ssh into the ssh addon”. I have installed putty on my windows machine and I can ssh into the RPi3 that is running hassio. I thought hassio had very limited SSH commands. Would this still work?

Yes, it works. I just added a Roomba today using that.

So are we not limited to the commands that are listed when typing ‘help’ on the command line when SSH’ing into hassio?

This worked perfectly. Thanks. If you do not know how ssh works, google it, master it, it is a life saver. Been doing this since 198? (unix platforms :))

work very well for roomba 980 but for i7+ need Roomba980-Python.
can you write the same espression for Roomba980-Python ?
i spend much time but never…tank you

just wanted to thank you so much this worked wonderfully.

This helped me. Thank you!