RPi 4 install

First of all, thanks for a nice application. It’s seems to be the most user friendly solution out there. But, it would be nice with a “download” section (instead of a link in the sub-sub-section on the install chapter).

I followed the nice self explanatory guide to the right image. (64-bit RPi 4)

These are my partitions:

Where and what would I do to enable SSH?

Secondly, I have a hardtime find recommended plugins like any “LG” products, any “SSH”, or “Discovery”. Under “Add Intergration”.

Is the image broken, or does HA needs some additional setup/configuration steps?

I think I found the SSH solution. Apparently the partitions created is FAT and the boot partition will not automatically mount (atleast in Ubuntu Focal). So, the boot partition (where the empty “ssh” file, should reside) have to be mounted manually.

Hi there,

There are many way to install HA, so fell free to browse and look for problem that some have, it will clear up after you play around for sometimes. Anyway you can also ask help on Discord. Anyway, I rarely used the HA images since it did not give a flexibility after installing and since I do have Linux experience doing advance mode provide more options. So…

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It looks like you misunderstood the concept of Home Assistant OS: You sacrifice your host to turn it into a convenient “Home Assistant Applicance”, which hides the OS and provides you with a comfortable interface instead. Enabling SSH and other stuff is done from within Home Assistant using the appropriate add-ons.

If you want to select the OS and stay in control of your host, you start setting up an OS on your host (like Raspbian), then install Docker and Home Assistant Supervised or Home Assistant Container, or run Home Assistant Core in a Python VEnv.

Either way, please be more precise of what is a question in your text and what are just thoughts you want to share with us.

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Thanks @m0wlheld and @KingRichard,

Yes, things start to clear up now (About the convenience and security part). And it makes a lot of sence, I found the CLI plugin and keept external SSH closed off.

I quess a bit of reading does’nt harm :blush: