Run Hass OS on VM on Raspberry Pi

I bumped into an issue running the installer. When the script creates /etc/docker/daemon.json file and restarts the service, docker does not start again. I need to remove that file and restart the container in order to get docker back up.

I’m using LXC to create a container:
lxc launch images:debian/10 v2 -p container -c security.nesting=true

Had no problems testing out docker hello-world on the container: hello-world (

Not sure why it is so pointless. For me would make lot of sense as I would like to run HAOS VM on pi and other containers running other services

You can do that with Supervised. There is no need to stress the limited resources of a Pi running a VM.


So, I registered because I was irritated about the non understanding answers.

Did you look at the referenced thread, meanwhile non supported OS like ubuntu etc. are blocked for supervised install, which is absolutely great…

Why don’t you see the use case?
I want a supervised/managed Home assistant but also want to use other services/container like seafile or whatever…
How do others manage this on a PI?

So what is the only option when you look at the fancy installation matrix of HA? Yes, it seems like HaOS and then in a VM.

You can actually force install it on non supported OS: Block Unsupported OS by ikifar2012 · Pull Request #262 · home-assistant/supervised-installer · GitHub