Running docker stack on supervised HA install

Hi everyone,

I’m fairly new to Homeassistant, so still experimenting a bit and trying out a few things. I wanted to run HA on an M1 Mac mini, so I now have an arm Debian VM setup in which I installed the supervised version of HA. So far, this works great.
My question now is: is there any reason why I shouldn’t also run some other things in this VM? I have some other docker containers that I would like to run in a Linux VM as well, and I’m wondering whether I need 2 VMs or can run everything in this single one.

lot of talk about that in this thread:

The short answer is that if you do that you’re going to be going against the ADR and at risk of your install becoming Unsupported and Unhealthy - or possibly just failing.

I’d personally strongly recommend that you don’t

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