Running Home Assistant and FreePBX side by side on same Pi4

I’ve got a Raspberry Pi 4 and I’m wanting to use it to run BOTH FreePBX and Home Assistant. I know FreePBX won’t work all that securely from within a Docker container and I’ve been scratching my head for days trying to think how I can install both of these applications alongside each other…neither one needs the full power/memory of the Pi4 so it would be a waste to use the Pi for either one alone… But then I thought…what about installing Portainer on the Pi that also has FreePBX installed…then run Home Assistant Core as a docker container? Would that work?! Help/guidance very much appreciated. Thanks

(I’ve also posted this to Reddit)

Install Home Assistant Container and run your other app alongside it. You can then install portainer if you want to manage the containers through the UI.

hmmm, thank you, but I think (looking at your link) I’d be better off with Supervised, because then I can continue to use the add-on store and take snapshots?

eek this is turning out to be a bit of a silly purchase. I guess I didn’t really need a Pi4.

Yes, that’s correct. But you won’t be able to run your FreePBX app on the same machine and still have a supported install. You can certainly do this and it will probably work, but it may break in the future, because Supervised install is only supported with a Debian Base, no other apps installed besides Home Assistant stuff and some other limitations. People ran into issues in the past with unsupported installations.