Running Home Assistant on a NUC (upgrade from Pi4)

Hi all

I’ve been running Home Assistant on a Pi4 for maybe 2 years! Time goes by quickly.

I’m looking at upgrading to a NUC. Now I’ve not messed around with Linux too much and it looks like I’ll have to run HA through Ubuntu or Docker.

Any advice to whether this is a good idea or is it more difficult to install and maintain?

Now I know you don’t know my level with regards to computing/code etc but just generalising. As I’ve only ever used the Home Assistant image.


You can still use HAOS on the NUC, as long as the NUC supports UEFI.

Or run HAOS in proxmox using this simple guide.

Works a treat and allows you to use the power of the NUC for other stuff if you so wish.

Thank you, will check the spec. I’m sure it does but not sure what OS it is currently running.

Thank you @Arh I’ll take a look at that guide. It’d be good to use with other things too.