Samba is being bothersome

Still new to this, and I’m having a - for me- serious issue.
Samba does not seem to start. I press the start button, something flashes, bu the stop button does not appear. Ovbiously, the Pi does not appear in my Windows network.
When I use the configurator for Samba, it does NOT use the quotes (as detailed in many posts on Samba and HA). And once saved, I can’t access the config file anymore to experiment.

I’m kinda new at this HA stuff, somewhat familiar with Linux though. Please help.

Thanks, Pete

The Samba Share addon?

Did you look at the addon log to see why it was not starting?

Yes, I didn’t recognize anything, in fact, it claimed ‘started samba’ or something to that effect. Still. If it is started, I should see a stop button. And I can’t access the share from the Windows network.
Unfortunately I do not have access to the machine for the next couple of hours.

I do find it strange that the whole ‘use quotes’ affair detailed in many posts does not seem to be implemented as standard from the configurator. And that once a configuration is saved the configurator is hidden.


It is not started.

Most likely you have a configuration problem.

Post the yaml version of your config (correctly formatted).

You can get the yaml version here:

I’d love to, but as I explained, once I save the config file for the first time, I can not access it anymore. When clicking the configuration tab I simply get the message ‘there is nothing for you to do here’ or something to that effect.

Which complicates matters. The only thing I seem to be able to d is uninstall Samba and reinstall it. Then I get the configuration option again, until the first time I press save.


Oh! I’ve seen that. Refresh your web browser cache.

OK. I’ll report in a few hours, I’m out with a customer now.


Edit 2 : I’m being an idiot, aren’t I ? If I want to give access to any computer that is on I would have to set the mask to ?

Edit : I’m getting somewhere. If under hosts I enter the IP of my PC I get access no problem. If I enter a range however, e.g., no dice. Am I getting the format wrong ?

OK, there was a core update and now Samba starts fine.

However, I am unable to connect from Windows using the IP adres or otherwise.