Saving the latest Ring Door Bell video locally

The video_url attribute that I spoke about points to an Amazon S3 server. I don’t know what sort of presence Amazon has in Australia in terms of datacenters but that would certainly account for delays Australian users of doorbells see. would certainly like you to get one :wink:

Which code? I doubt that you’ll ever see a legal copy of the code for the doorbell firmware or the server-side code either.

That’s the dilemma - DIY or buy. Personally I felt that going the DIY route for my video doorbell system probably would have resulted in a system that was perpetually 90% done and worked 75% of the time so I chose differently. Once things warm back up here in the states I’m going to get serious about installing some non-ring cameras to cover other areas of my property, so my security system will be at least partially DIY.

Is this script still working?

Yep, that’s why I got HASSIO and the Raspberry Pi. I was hoping to get around the security fee that Ring charges to download videos. If it were just an annual $30 fee, I’d pay for it, but it is $30/device. I have 3 devices, so that would be a $90 annual fee. And it looks like you can only get the “live view” from their app. The live view isn’t even available from their website. Their must be an API call from that app, and it probably passes credentials to initiate the live feed.

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Wow! Thank you. This was one of the very first things I tried to get working when I started with Home Assistant and was disappointed when I couldn’t get it working. I will now have a Ring Doorbell video archive! :slight_smile:

Now I just need to setup a routine to delete those videos after a week or two.

You aren’t paying the protect fee, but are able to add the ring camera to HA?

I am getting this error when I add the camera to my config:

Error: A Ring Protect Plan is required for the following cameras: Front Door.<br />You will need to restart hass after fixing.

Meant to reply to your comment ^^

Maybe I bought mine long enough ago that I am exempted somehow? I can show you some of my code.

Here are my Ring + Camera config settings.

  username: !secret email1
  password: !secret ring_pass

  - platform: ring

And I got the camera to display in a Lovelace view using:

  - type: picture-glance
    title: Porch
      - binary_sensor.ring_porch_motion
      - binary_sensor.ring_porch_ding
    camera_image: camera.porch

And then I’m using jcollie’s Node-RED flow to store the files locally.

I am running Home Assistant in a Docker container instead of, so I setup a command at 5am to delete all .mp4 files older than 14 days. I added the following command using ‘crontab -e’

0 5 * * * find “/opt/homeassistant/config/www/downloads/camera.porch” -maxdepth 1 -mtime +14 -type f -name ‘*.mp4’ -delete

Just wanted to confirm, you do not pay for a subscription service for your Ring?

You are correct. I do not play Ring anything. I’ve probably had my Ring Pro for 2 years now.

Ohhh, I have a Ring 2. I’ll bet you that is why yours works.

OK, I’m brand new to Home Assistant, and I don’t even know how to log into the app, I would really like to use this script but as I said…I’m a noob!

Does anyone know if I download the videos and store them locally on the rpi, if that will get them to playback smoothly or is that a limitation of the rpi hardware. Right now I have a picture glance card but when I hit play it plays at 1/4 speed.

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Hi, I know this doesn’t help with the Ring video storage. But I have been using Wyze and there is some free storage and the device has an uSD slot.

Can anyone confirm if this still work as of today?

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I would also like to know if anyone else still has this working?
Also I cannot get the downloader service to load.

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based on this there is a amazon server in sydney
but can they use it i don’t know

Wish you could walk me through what you did I also have a ring pro

I’m going to recommend against this. It may have been a coincidence, but a week or two after I enabled this I lost access to my Ring video feed in Home Assistant! It really scared me, so I disabled it. My video feed came back… I don’t know if they throttled me for the rest of the month or what. But I’m not going to chance losing my feed again.

I might considering a DIY video doorbell someday that would allow me to archive my video. I just saw @pinkywafer created one with ESPHome. I’d love to know more about that project.

Is there a script I can use for IOS so I can save ring doorbell video on my IPAD?

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