Saving the latest Ring Door Bell video locally

Just wanted to confirm, you do not pay for a subscription service for your Ring?

You are correct. I do not play Ring anything. I’ve probably had my Ring Pro for 2 years now.

Ohhh, I have a Ring 2. I’ll bet you that is why yours works.

OK, I’m brand new to Home Assistant, and I don’t even know how to log into the app, I would really like to use this script but as I said…I’m a noob!

Does anyone know if I download the videos and store them locally on the rpi, if that will get them to playback smoothly or is that a limitation of the rpi hardware. Right now I have a picture glance card but when I hit play it plays at 1/4 speed.

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Hi, I know this doesn’t help with the Ring video storage. But I have been using Wyze and there is some free storage and the device has an uSD slot.

Can anyone confirm if this still work as of today?

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I would also like to know if anyone else still has this working?
Also I cannot get the downloader service to load.

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based on this there is a amazon server in sydney
but can they use it i don’t know

Wish you could walk me through what you did I also have a ring pro

I’m going to recommend against this. It may have been a coincidence, but a week or two after I enabled this I lost access to my Ring video feed in Home Assistant! It really scared me, so I disabled it. My video feed came back… I don’t know if they throttled me for the rest of the month or what. But I’m not going to chance losing my feed again.

I might considering a DIY video doorbell someday that would allow me to archive my video. I just saw @pinkywafer created one with ESPHome. I’d love to know more about that project.

Is there a script I can use for IOS so I can save ring doorbell video on my IPAD?

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