Scan for entities that are temporarily unreachable

I was wondering
is it possible to scan for entities that are temporarily unreachable
but be present in ha in the frontend on a lovelace card
so that a notification can take place

If an entity is unreachable, its state should be unavailable.
Then you can use something like auto-entities card to show all unavailable devices in lovelace.

I’ve been scratching my own itch of sensors running out of battery or going outside of range silently. I’ve built this AppDaemon script for monitoring

It’s still rather barebones, and I have some improvements in mind, but it does the trick. You can easily automate and send alerts when sensors become stale.

It amazes me that there is no stale sensor component in core!

On what basis does this report a problem? Unreachable, unavailable, last updated?

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