⏱ Scheduled Timeslot Automation (e.g., Vacuum)

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25:00:00 o’Clock is not a valid time. HA used the 24h time format where midnight is defined as 00:00:00

That i pretty much know about 25:00:00 So how to avoid that? Since it says that the blueprint generated it, but I could not find anywhere time_to as a value. And the ~input_boolean.last cleanup~ returns a correct value as in corect time syntax

I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question… The blueprint did not generate that issue. Somewhere someone must have had defined the time_to (in the ui labelled as “Timeslot to”) of the blueprint’s automation to be 25:00:00. I’d suggest editing that automation manually. Search for the “time_to” in your automation’s yaml (or overall, in your automations.yaml) and change it to 00:00:00

Yes, my bad, sometimes i type one thing when I want to express something else. I also did not have all the information. My automation created with the blueprint is the one I placed higher in this discussion. Only time_to value is time_to: ‘15:00’ , were it’s a condition from what time to what time the automation should run. now that i think of it, in your blueprint you are using am-pm, i entered 15:00:00. but now* looking at your code, you have the same way of declaring it. here is my automation again: alias: Mimi Schedule
description: ‘’
path: pavax/scheduled_timeslot.yaml
time_to: ‘15:00:00’
monday_enabled: true
tuesday_enabled: true
wednesday_enabled: true
thursday_enabled: true
friday_enabled: true
time_from: ‘8:00:00’
last_triggered: input_datetime.house_is_cleaned
condition_sensor_01: person.yy
condition_state_01: not_home
condition_sensor_02: person.xx
condition_state_02: not_home
- service: vacuum.start
data: {}
entity_id: vacuum.mimi
sunday_enabled: true
saturday_enabled: true

my question is actually were to look for that time_to, except the automation, wich does seems to have a corect time.

mhhh… looking at the blueprint automation from above (please use the formatting next time) it has nothing to do with the error you pasted above. For example, in the error above the condition_sensor_03 is defined whereas in the automation that you pasted it’s not. My guess is, somewhere you have another automation based on my blueprint that is messed up.

Hava a look at your config/automation.yaml file (where all the automations are stored) and search for the culprit by searching for all the occurenses of pavax/scheduled_timeslot.yaml and spot the one where time_to: "25:00:00" is defined

PS: I installed the addon “File editor” to edit files directly from within the web-ui

yes, you are right. there still is an automation in the automations.yaml. i deleted it from UI/automations but its still present in yaml. i did not found an other way of deleting automations, and it seems automation.yaml is not being edited by UI.

Usually, the ui does exactly that. It modifies the automation.yaml. My guess is, that there could be a bug though linked to blueprints. So just manually delete the invalid one from the automations.yaml file and make sure you either restart HA or reload the automations

Hint: press "c" while in the web-ui to open the command suggestion dialog and enter “reload automation”

thanks again, and sorry for hijacking.