Scheduler card/custom component

Hello @neliss

i’m afraid I have the same issue !
All my 7 heaters have two sets of scheduler : one for the workdays and one for the week-end.
All the schedulers for the week-end did not fire yesterday (saturday) and they all fired this morning (sunday) on due time.

Week-end schedulers are scheduled to start on ‘saturday at midnight’. For me ‘saturday at midnight’ means in the night between saturday and sunday.
In the night between friday and saturday should be ‘friday at midnight’ ?

Am I right ?

Check these out:

Thanks for this clarification.

However that is not the issue.
The issue is that the scheduler does not fire on saturday morning (despite the fact it is schedule for the week-end) but only on sunday morning.
I will check if it fires tomorrow morning.


@Merangle I would recommend to avoid using midnight as scheduled time.
I cannot say for sure on which day it would trigger, depends on how the date/time functions in HA are processing it (and its a matter of definition as @KTibow says).
Why make it difficult for yourself? I would just set it one minute earlier or later to avoid problems. But in my case I would be sleeping usually :smile:

For time schemes the view is limited from 00:00-23:59, so that is what I would consider as a full day.

Hello @neliss

I do not schedule any scheduler at midnight.
Please have a look at those three pictures:


Capture 2

Capture 1

The first one is a screenshot of the scheduler card with two schedules : one which should fire on workdays at 05:30 AM and the second one that should fire on week-end at 6:00 AM

The first one on workdays fired last week. The second one (on week-end) did dont fire saturday but sunday.

As you can see, none of them are secheduled to start on midnight. however on can see on the schduler card ‘saturday at midnight’ which is not consistent with the first scheduled time.

This a copy of the state screen

  - 67DT0000T0600A0
  - 67DT0600T1000A1
  - 67DT1000T0000A0
  - service: set_temperature
    entity: climate.sdb
    hvac_mode: heat
    temperature: 17.5
  - service: set_temperature
    entity: climate.sdb
    hvac_mode: heat
    temperature: 20
next_trigger: '2020-11-14T00:00:00+01:00'
friendly_name: SdB Week-end
icon: 'mdi:calendar-clock'

As you can see the next trigger time is next saturday 11/14 on 00:00. Which is not the scheduled time.

Do you need additional information ?

And this morning, two schedulers at least were not triggered:


Overview-Home-Assistant (1)

Overview-Home-Assistant (2)

Overview-Home-Assistant (3)

What can i do to help you ?

Your question/issue is not really clear to me, you shared a lot of pictures, but they don’t give much info to me.
If you think there is a bug with workday/weekend setting, create an issue for it in GitHub of the scheduler-component.

Please share the following information:

  • The attributes of the schedule entity that does not work as you expect
  • History / logbook info of this schedule and the device it should trigger, around the time you expected it to trigger (to show that it skips this time)
  • Are you using the workday integration? If yes, then share its configuration too.
  • Which climate integration are you using?
  • You told me before you are using scripts to combine your climates. Are they related to the issue?

In v1.9.5 I added a small enhancement to editing an existing schedule:
If you click on the displayed entity + action, you will be brought back to the selection panel and you can make changes to the entity and/or action.

I can imagine some of you were missing this functionality (and were forced to remove it and create a new one).
Its a bit of a ‘hidden’ feature because I didn’t want to add extra buttons to the GUI (on mobile phone space is kind of limited).

So here a small guide:

The function preserves the settings for days, time (/timeslots) and all additional options.
If you change the action or entity, the function attempts to preserve your settings (such as temperature), but it may not work (yet) for all scenarios.
I recommend not to try any funny stuff like changing a schedule for a thermostat into a lamp :sweat_smile:


@snoopy1492 please let us know…
I’m still fighting with the same problem since a couple of week.
Generic Thermostat + scheduler = only temp change with no switch action

All other schedules works flawlessly (lights, switches and even my garden sprinklers). Amazing job @neliss

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Please read my comment about this.
The scheduler doesn’t really have anything to do with it.

It seems quite weird to me that when you update the temperature setpoint, the device stays OFF.
This is a bug/limitation in the generic_thermostat that causes this.
I don’t know if someone already took initiative to have it fixed…

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nice workaround, thank you!
sorry for the off-topic

OK guys, I haven’t had time to install all the prerequisites to install the dev environment for HA.
(Working from home is a pain, time just flies away)
In the meantime, you’ll find my custom_components at this link.
This is my custom component.
Copy the contents of generic_thermostat to <your config dir>/custom_components/generic_thermostat/ and restart HA. It should now use this version instead of the one included with HA.
Beware, I’m giving this as is. It works for me but could break something (unlikely due to the minimum amount of change I made, but I prefer to err on the side of caution).
And if a change is made to the generic_thermostat in a future update, this custom_component will prevent you from using it until you delete it.

I’ll try to find the time to finish installing a dev environment for HA and push my fix.


Hello snoopy1492,
It works very well !!!
You’re a genius !

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Hi have a problem, i cannot have my switch to turn on. I tried set a schema and also set a simple time but no action executed. How to debug this? Seems that nothing is wroted.
- type: ‘custom:scheduler-card’
- switch.caldaia
time_step: 1
edit: using HA 0.117.6

Can you go to Developer Tools -> Entities and share the attributes/properties of the switch.schedule_xxxx entity that should operate your switch?

Also, can you check in the History what happens both with the schedule entity and the switch entity at the programmed time?

entries: 0DT1756A0

  • service: turn_on
    entity: switch.caldaia

next_trigger: 2020-11-14T17:56:00+00:00
friendly_name: Schedule1
icon: mdi:calendar-clock

In the entity history nothing happened

The schedule entity should show as “Triggered” at 17:56, and “Waiting” at other time in your history.
Can you share the history data?

If it did not go to triggered state, the scheduler has crashed and you should check your HA logs.

schedule entity is always in “waiting”. i have to add something to add more debug log? i cannot see anything strange in the log. how can i check if component is up and running?

Are you using a translator? Could you improve your grammar if you can? You don’t need to enable anything special to access the HA logs.

I know how to access ha logs. But there are no exception error or warning regarding schedule-component. This Is why i asked if there was possible to have more debug log or some other way to check if component Is running…