Schlage Connect ZWave Locks

any chance somebody figured out how to set user codes via hass without smarthings or vera?

Updated to the last version of HASS 0.37.1 and lost the following sensors :

  • sensor.schlage_be469nxcen_touchscreen_deadbolt_access_control_3_9
  • sensor.schlage_be469nxcen_touchscreen_deadbolt_burglar_3_10
  • sensor.schlage_be469nxcen_touchscreen_deadbolt_power_management_3_11
  • sensor.schlage_be469nxcen_touchscreen_deadbolt_sourcenodeid_3_2
  • sensor.schlage_be469nxcen_touchscreen_deadbolt_system_3_12

I did remove the lock from the Zwave network and include it again but same result ?
Any ideas ?

I also discover that if I open manually it does not update the status on the GUI like it used to


Oof. And I was about to update this evening. Thanks for the heads up, Ill backup upgrade and see if I can’t identify an issue.

I did removed and added it back again this time all erros were fixed , don’t know exactly what happened.

This is possible now. The documentation is a little poor, but this feature was added in release 38.


O.M.G.!!! Do you know how happy this makes me? If this truly works, I can finally, completely, dump the Vera controller which, at this point, is only holding my three Z-Wave locks so I can manage user codes.

It definitely works. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks on my Kwikset lock. I also created automation rules to disarm my alarm when user code 2 unlocks my front door.
For the Kwikset model, the clear code function does not work, though.

Are you able to set any codes? Can you do anything when a particular code is used to unlock the door? Like automations and such?

I will try this on a day off with my Schlage locks and see how it goes.

Yes. As I mentioned before, I have an automaton rule setup that recognizes when the door is unlocked by a certain code. Setting user codes also works.

Ugggg. I read that, but it did not register in my head. Thanks.

Do you have an example of setting the user code? I’ve not yet worked with text or select boxes.

I’ve only set the usercode from the services section. I select lock, set_usercode and then the following json:

“node_id”: 9,
“code_slot”: 2,
“usercode”: “9988”

9 is my zwave node id for my lock.

Yaml should be similar; instead of json it’s parameters.

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I have a Schlage FE599GR. I went through all the steps (a few times) to remove it, factory reset, add node (securely) and I am able to lock and unlock it and see lock status via home assistant, but it never reports anything when I unlock it with a user code at the lock. I am expecting to see something change for alarm type or alarm level, but they always remain 0.

If I watch the activity with OZWCP running, when I unlock with a user code there is a line about discarding a message because it was sent clear text and the command class is secured.

Anyone else experience this during their setup? I’ve had this lock for 3 years and it reported user codes fine to a Vera, but can’t get cooperation when it is attached to home assistant.

Sorry for the silly question, but after you ran the command where did you see the output?

You’ll see the output in the HA logs. Now that I think about it, you might have to change the log level to INFO or DEBUG to see the output. The output does not show on the services screen.

I’ve set my log level to debug, but i’m not seeing any result in the log when i do get_usercode… What does the result line in the log file look like?

Also, how do you go about seeing what user code was entered at the lock? I’m not seeing this info anywhere either?

I’m sort of wondering if my lock was added correctly/securely? I believe it is, but i’m not sure…

HA should have a binary_sensor for each user code. At least that’s how it is when it comes in from Wink. I believe they are just ‘repackaging’ the existing ZWave sensor though so it should be the same. It’ll trigger from on to off when the user code is entered - but just for a second or so.

No - that is not how my Zwave lock works in HA. I don’t get any binary sensors for each user code. Wink setup must be different than Wink.

Here, this may be more of what you are looking for:

Read through the thread.

In Home Assistent, goto the Services section. Select lock from the domain dropdown, and get_usercode from the service dropdown. In the service data, enter the following JSON, where node_id is the zwave node your lock .

“node_id”: 16,
“code_slot” : 1

When I do that and I open my log file, I see this:

17-04-30 15:08:48 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Bus:Handling Event call_service[L]: service=get_usercode, domain=lock, service_call_id=140189870203960-3861, service_data=code_slot=1, node_id=16>
17-04-30 15:08:48 INFO (Thread-10) [homeassistant.components.lock.zwave] Usercode at slot 1 is: 2568