Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Request interfacing support for the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi series locks.
Currently it only works with Alexa and the Schlage home app.

See this thread, we have a recently working solution @mcnutter1 came up with integration that is on Github

I followed the instruction, but when I go to add integration, I do not find schlage anywhere in the list.

error log: Error parsing manifest.json file at /config/custom_components/homeasssitant-schlage/manifest.json: trailing comma is not allowed: line 11 column 2 (char 359)

In manifest.json there is a trailing comma on line 11. If you remove that it should work.

I have the same issue, Schlage does not show up anywhere in the Integrations. I do not see a trailing comma on line 11, code is as follows

“domain”: “schlage”,
“name”: “Schlage Encode Lock”,
“config_flow”: true,
“documentation”: “GitHub - mcnutter1/homeasssitant-schlage: Schlage Encode implementation for Home Assistant”,
“issue_tracker”: “Issues · mcnutter1/homeasssitant-schlage · GitHub”,
“codeowners”: ["@mcnutter1"],
“requirements”: [],
“iot_class”: “cloud_polling”,
“version”: “1.0”,

@mjkosin68 It looks like the 11th line of the json you pasted does have a trailing comma:

Try removing the comma.