Screwed up http


I screwed up the http settings and now i cant connect. Im using the Linux vm. I need to find the configuration file and remove the http settings i added. Where do i find it?

Can you ssh into the VM? If so, you probably altered config/configuration.yaml.

Yes i can. but theres no config folder. Homefolder is empty. Also checked usr/shared. Nothing

I don’t know the file structure of the VM installation, but if it has find installed, try cd / and then:

find . -name configuration.yaml -print

If you’re not root, you might get a lot of permission denied lines, but it should find it eventually if it exists.

tried that too. No find command. No apt. So lost. I use linux all the time

Are you connecting with ssh to the base OS? If so you need to enter the docker container for Home Assistant to edit the config. Once you have logged into the OS use

sudo docker exec -i -t homeassistant bash

You should get logged into the config directory. Edit configuration.yaml with vi.


Thank you! Thats what i needed. Now i could fix it.

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