Script to send actions to the right Google Home (based on voice commands)


Version 2022.11.3 - 26 November 2022

:bug: Bug fixes

  • Fix template copy/paste error causing variable store to fail


2022.12 Happy Holidays; let’s bring the family together

:red_circle: BREAKING

  • Integrated into the Google Home Resume package, update according to the instructions

:star2: Improvements

  • Template improvements

  • More use of YAML anchors

Hi, just found out this script, gonna read about it later, but just quick question, does it only work on google home devices? Or does it also work on Google Assistant devices, like a watch ?

No, it only works on Google Home devices.
It uses Google Home routines which start a ambient sound on the device. That will work on phones and watches as well, but those are not exposed as media_player in HA, so HA can’t see that the ambient sound is playing.

ok, thnx for feedback!