Select message from a list and send to Alexa

I would like to modify or replace this script to allow me to select from a list of messages rather than just send the one. The “message number” can be an entity or attribute value…whichever is easier.

  - data:
        type: tts
      message: good morning doug
      target: media_player.doug_office
    service: notify.alexa_media_doug_office

The following is also working, but again, only one message.

  - service: notify.alexa_media_ma_office
      message: 'Current outside temperature is {{ states(''sensor.acurite_temperature_3'')
        }} degrees the humidity is {{ states(''sensor.acurite_humidity_3'')
        }} percent:::: and it feels like {{ states(''sensor.comfort'') 
        }} degrees'
      target: media_player.ma_office
        type: tts    

I’ve seen examples where people select random messages, but haven’t found one where you can select which message to send.

Does anyone have a quick example they could post?

try this

how about an input_select you read from to select your message?
Then you based on the value of input_select you can do an if then else or better still wait for 0.113 and use the choose function…

    alias: Speak Wakeup Message
    description: 'Make Alexa speak a specified wakeup message."
        description: 'The message number to be spoken. The number 0 represents the first message.'
        example: 1
      service: notify.alexa_media_ma_office
          type: tts
        target: media_player.ma_office
        message: >
          {% set messages = 
             [ "Good morning Doug!",
               "Welcome back!",
               "Good to see you again!",
               "It's carpe diem time!" ] %}
          {{ messages[msg_no] if 0 <= msg_no < messages|length else "I'm sorry Dave but I can't do that." }}

The script contains a list of messages. When you call the script, you specify which message you want to play. If you specify an invalid number (anything less than 0 or greater than the number of items in the list, which is zero-based) it will play the HAL 9000 message.

For example, if you wanted the script to play the third message (“Good to see you again!”) you would call it like this:

    service: script.speak_wakeup_message
      msg_no: 2