Send RF signal when reed switch opens

Does not work on Firefox (webserial is not implemented). It should work on Chrome and Edge.

Not working on Chrome,

Nothing pops up asking me to choose the com

Hi can you please provide more information on what device you are using here or a link?

Thank you

I have used all 4 of these at one point or another.

The RTL SDR connects to the usb of my HA device. It runs on the RTL-433 addon. It has the most protacols so it will even pickup my oil tank watchman. As it connects so close to the HA it limits where you can put it on your property. Most expensive at around £25
The sonoff RF bridge is flashed with Tasmota and is placed the closest to my mail box. Required a little surgery to cut some lines but well described and easy to follow. About £12

I’ve had 3 devices to try with OpenMQTTGateway. 1st was a simple nodemcu with stx882 receiver. I desoldered the curly antenna that came with it and soldered on a sma connector center wire to the antenna hole and the outer braid to the ground of the stx882 board. I then made my own ground plane antenna to connect to the sma. Cheapest around £8
The 2nd was a cc1101 to a esp32, again with my home made ground plane antenna.£10
3rd was the Heltec V3 with OMG and own antenna around £20. This picks up the most signals as being sensitive and can be placed away form the HA device.

All of them pick up my modified 433 door sensor which I attach to my mailbox. I have 3 running at present and all 3 are used as triggers with their different MQTT publish topics in case any are blocked. MQTT explorer is a must to set this all up if you haven’t used MQTT before.
Mostly this project was about learning about making 433Mhz antennas.

I am interested in what this device is.



It’s just the cheapest generic 433mhz door sensor that I could find on Aliexpress that runs on a single AAA cell. It gives off one code when it opens and a different code when it closes and another code when cell goes low. It’s not waterproof so it has to be put in another container that is waterproof. Water will find a way to get in. It can’t sit inside a metal mailbox as it’s signal won’t get out. The desoldered reed switch on a longer set of wires can sit inside close to the magnet attached to mailbox flap. It’s best to orientate the antenna in it in the same direction as your receiver.

Sorry but im playing with this one again and, im a bit stuck,

With this simple code, when the button is pressed I can see the state change from off to on but no RF signals are sent. Any ideas?

  pin: GPIO26
  carrier_duty_percent: 100%

  - platform: gpio
      number: GPIO27
        input: True
        pullup: True
      inverted: False
    name: Letterbox Door
      - remote_transmitter.transmit_raw:
          code: [415,-300,370,-300,375,-300,378,-300,378,-300,379,-300,405]
            times: 10
            wait_time: 10ms
      - delay: 10s

Bump, can anyone help with this?

IF the RF signal cant be send, say there is just NO rf transmitter connected on the specified PIN, will I still see the RF signal being reported as sent in the log from say a binary_sensor or switch? Or does it need confirmation somehow from the transmitter that the signal has been sent sucessfully.

Right now, I am just not seeing anything in the log for a signal even attempted to be sent.

transmitter doesn’t confirm anything, you never know if signal is transmitted / correctly transmitted

But, I should receive conformation in the logs that the signal has been sent correct?

Yes, but that means just that esp has pulsed your transmitter pin.