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Hey Blacky,

QQ is there a way to enable automation when this blueprint is running?

Use case:

  1. I currently use sensor light blueprint with a motion sensor which gets disabled when Sensor light add on is running
  2. I have a second sensor light automation running off the same motion sensor but with min brightness so if someone triggers the motion sensor they still get some light but not enough to interrupt the movie watching and will turn off the light once motion is no longer detected.
  3. This automation is then disabled when the sensor light add on is turned off.

Another side question is there a way to use sensor light add on without using “Lights - Switches - Scenes *” I dont have anything i would like to turn on when starting this automation but this seems to be a requirement.

Thanks again for all your help!


For some reason the by pass toggle doesnt get turned off at the end of the automation this might be more an issue with nvidia shield from what i can tell but hoping you have dealt with this issue before,

If possible please also look into turning on devices like AV receivers and setting specific inputs.

I use this for 4k Bluray, shield and console gaming so picking an input for the av receiver is very helpful


Easy way to do this is to create a binary template sensor and have it toggle opposite to your other by-pass entity.

Example: You have a by-pass now probably use in the automation link that gets turned ON and OFF. Create and template sensor so when this by-pass is ON the template sensor is OFF and visa versa. Then use this template sensor in your second sensor light automation.

To do this go into settings / devices & services / Helpers tab / create helper / select template / create binary sensor / add name and in state template add this code with you entity id of your automation link by-pass. So replace “input_boolean.your_by_pass_automation_link_entity_id_here” with your by-pass entity id.

{{ is_state('input_boolean.your_by_pass_automation_link_entity_id_here', 'off') }}

Click submit.

Now you have another by-pass that will automagically toggle opposite to your original automation link by-pass (OFF will be ON and ON will be OFF) and use this one in your second sensor light automation by-pass.

Not sue why you would like to do this but just create a scene with nothing and add it in.

Blacky :smiley:


I would need to see your YAML for this one.

Blacky :smiley:

Can you add your 4K Blu-ray in as the trigger?

If not can you provide a screen shot of your blu-ray in developer tools / states

If you can then look for the states when you turn it ON and OFF etc and just add the states in the automation by typing them in and hit enter. Make sure your caps are correct, same / same, copy paste.

Blacky :smiley:

The github links are down, cannot download your blueprints


Firstly welcome to the community :wave:

Everything is back up and running, please try again.

Thanks for your patience.

Blacky :smiley:

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Thank You! Awesome Blueprints!


Thanks for your kind words.

Blacky :smiley:

Hi Blacky, thanks for the blueprint, I am having issue trying to get a my Samsung TV to turn on a light in our TV room when we switch on the TV, and switch off light when the tv switches off.
I can get the light to turn on if I run the commend from the blueprint page., But will not work when i manual turn on or off the TV,. I am using the remote control that came with the TV

copy of the file
alias: test tv room light
description: "TV Light control "
path: Blackshome/sensor-light-add-on.yaml
- update.samsungtv_smart_update
- remote.samsung_6_series_55
- “on”
- “off”
entity_id: light.tv_room_light_dimmer
light_colour_temperature: 7600
include_sun: sun_enabled


We know the blueprint works as when you manually run it, it works. I sometimes have this to with my apple TV and I have to toggle the remote on and off… that is just terrible. There must be a bug in Apple TV to HA on waking it up and I hope someone will fix it one day. You may find you have similar problem with your remote. To test it go into developer tools / states / then search for your remote/entity that controls the states use in the automation and see when you use the remote if the state changes.

Hope this helps you.

Blacky :smiley:

Hey Great blueprint! Just wondering if there is a way to input media content to differentiate between tv show and movies? I’ve tried to input a few different attributes from the developer tools into the trigger-entity drop down but no luck. Thanks


Thanks for your suggestion I will put it on the list.

Blacky :grinning:

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Hey you,

not only with the lights, I need your help here too.

I use this blueprint to switch my cinema lights in the living room and in the split kitchen. The lights go off in the living room and one goes on in the kitchen, which is the perfect light for an evening at the cinema. I’ve also linked it to a lux value.

The good thing is, it works as I want it to; but as always :slight_smile: only one thing is very strange!

I have set that the automation should no longer be executed when the state is “idle”, which also works great, whenever I click on pause or end “idle”, exactly what I want is triggered.

But my media apps Emby or the Sony TV have a function like netflix “next episode” starts in 25 seconds (displayed on the screen). If I wait for this message and the next episode starts, the state goes from “playing” briefly (really briefly) to idle and then back to playing and the light in the kitchen stays off, as if the switching back and forth is really too fast. I’ve already tried working with the delay, but that only applies to pause, doesn’t it?

Have you understood me and do you see a solution?

alias: Kino Add On
description: ""
  path: Blackshome/sensor-light-add-on.yaml
      - media_player.emby_sony_xr_85x95k
      - media_player.emby_kodi_zotac_en1070_4
      - playing
      - idle
      entity_id: scene.kino_an
      - use_colour_temperature
      - use_brightness
    light_brightness: 20
    light_colour_temperature: 2750
      - scene.kino_aus
    include_intermission: intermission_enable
    intermission_include_light_control: []
    intermission_light_brightness: 50
    intermission_light_colour_temperature: 2750
    include_end_turn_on: enable_end_turn_on_snapshot
    end_snapshot_name: snapshot_kino
    end_snapshot_helper: input_boolean.movie_snapshot_helper
      entity_id: scene.wohnzimmer_licht_an
    end_include_light_control: []
    include_automation_link: enable_automation_link
      - input_boolean.by_pass_kino
      - input_boolean.by_pass_kino_kuche
    include_ambient: ambient_enabled
    ambient_light_sensor: sensor.sensor_wohnzimmer_light_sensor_light_level
    ambient_light_options: ambient_light_option_enabled
    ambient_light_value: 90
    include_bypass: bypass_enabled_pause_automation
        - light.licht_gruppe_kuche
        - light.licht_gruppe_wz
      - paused
    include_start_turn_off: enable_start_turn_off
        - scene.kuche_licht_aus
        - scene.wohnzimmer_licht_an
    intermission_end_scenes: []
    end_light_brightness: 50
    end_light_colour_temperature: 2750
    time_delay: 1.5

As always, thank you very much!

edit: when I quickly press pause and play, it also happens.

Hi, i have 2 questions/additions because i have made something like that as an automation for myself but with way less options. (Thanks for this!) :slight_smile:

I have tried to edit the blueprint but i thought id just ask it here:

  1. Trigger addition:
    This might already be included, but i could not corfirm it.
    If i watch a movie when the sun is up, does the sunset trigger this? I have this in mine and it is wonderful…
  2. Condition:
    I would like the automation to only start if it is after a set time, because if my children are watching something before going to bed i don’t need them to sit in movie mode :smiley:
    I thought of the sun condition, but in winter the sun sets at 6pm and my children go to bed a little bit later that this.

The time delay should stop it for turning ON your kitchen lights. Thanks for your YAML… I see this is one I missed as your post was 5 days ago. If all is good now please let us know if not I will have to test it with your set up to see what it happening.

Blacky :smiley:


1 = Yes the sun will trigger when it crosses over its set point.
2 = I will add this to the list, thanks for your suggestion.

Blacky :smiley:

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Thanks you I have now got this working, :grin:

I am wondering if anyone has a PlayStation in HA that would be able to give me 3 screen shots of the attributes when they are playing a game, watching a movie or listing to music. You will need to go into developer tools / states / find your PlayStation entity and take a screen shot of it. This way I can make an option for your lights when this is happening. Example Playing a Game and all your lights go into a game mode, nice hay. Below is my Apple TV as an example.

I am looking to see what is in the media_content_type especially when you are playing a game. It should be but I would like to confirm this.

media_content_type: game

Thanks for your help :+1:

Blacky :smiley: