Sensor Season


I am doing my university work and I am trying to put an image for each season of the year to the weather station sensor.

Could you help me?

This is the code I was testing but it gives errors on all sides

- platform: season
- platform: template
        entity_id: sensor.season
        friendly_name: Estaciones
        value_template: >
          {% set phases = { 'spring':'Primavera', 'summert':'verano', 'autumn':'Otoño', 'winter':'Invierno'} %}
          {% set phase = states('sensor.season') %}
          {{ phases[phase] if phase in phases.keys() else 'nada' }}
        entity_picture_template: >
          {{ '/local/estaciones/{}.jpg'.format(states('sensor.season')) }}


Please take the time to read the sticky post. It explains a number of key things, like how to format code in your post (since formatting matters) and what we need to know to help you (which includes what those errors are).

I’m sorry I’m new to this and I didn’t know how to do it

That’s why we have a sticky post…

Now all we need is for you to tell us the errors and provide the other information as explained in that post