Sensor value from homeassistant not readable for ST7735 (SOLVED)

Hi there,

In adition to my earlier topic this question.
On one esp running a bme280 sensor
on a second esp running a display st7735 and a bmp085 sensor.

My snipped from the code,


  • platform: bmp085
    name: “BMP085 Temperature”
    id: bmptemp
    name: “BMP085 Pressure”
    id: bmppres
  • platform: homeassistant
    name: “BME280 Humidity”
    id: bmehum

the sensor value from homeassistant it is not possible to display many, many, many atemps made?
Some one any cloe?

Like to here.

ps. the middle man homeassistant look like not willing to coorporate

You have been asked to do this before:

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I have a similar setup, BME680 on one device, a ST7735 on a separate device
As Tom already wrote, it is easier for others to check your code when properly formatted.
Unless your snippet is incomplete it seems you did not specify the entity_id for the sensor retrieved via homeassistant.
This is what it looks like here

  - platform: homeassistant
    # Temperature in °C
    name: "BME680#2 Temperature"
    id: temperature
    entity_id: sensor.bme680_2_temperature
  - platform: homeassistant
    # Pressure in hPa
    name: "BME680#2 Pressure"
    id: pressure
    entity_id: sensor.bme680_2_pressure
  - platform: homeassistant
    # Relative humidity %
    name: "BME680#2 Humidity"
    id: humidity
    entity_id: sensor.bme680_2_humidity

the entity_id of course depends on the entity created for the ESPHome device where you attached the BME280


And of course the ESPHome where you have attached the ST7735 needs to be configured in Home-Assistant and being listed in the device list with the ESPHome integration.
When you click in the device in the list, in the detail information it should show all the entities you have configured in the ESPHome yaml

I missed that step once ( configuring the device for the ESPHome integration after HA told me it found a new integration) and that also means that the values are not retrieved.

if it still does not work, please show some logs for the device from ESPHome


@ tom+L sorry to not fully comply @ your requirements relating to posting issues.
Indeed I asked a similair question. That was solved.
This is a new project with similar problem.
Also this issue I solved myself.
@ Armin I has read your artikel and checked al the entities. I was allert of this issue.
What I found was I asked a obsolete enitity. So I deleted these and implemented new entities Now it is working as it should be and I do understand what was going wrong.
But any way thans for your reply.
Keep on the good work. Apreciat it a lot.
regards, ilioss

The problem is not your issue itself but how you present your code which makes it very hard for everybody to understand/interpret. It would be nice of you to (at least) comply with the minimum “best practices” outlined in this thread:

It’s not the first time people asked you this…

It is not a helpdesk???
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Maybe you should then join art classes :grimacing:

Jokes beside. It looks like you are not aware of the problem posting code without code tags.

It’s like you want to apply for something and they need a fomular from you. Typically they don’t even mention that you should print that on letter or A4 (or whatever local format is the default in your country).

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