Sensors / zigbee/ zwave / cables... need to decide

going to renovate whole flat, so there is a space for installation cables into the wall if required etc…

Is it possible to say what sensors are worth on cables… what on zwave/zigbee etc?


If I would have the option, I would run cables everywhere.

Esepecially from wall switches and lamp fixtures to the breaker box to do the switching centrally from one point. And maybe use somethin like shelly’s din-mounted units to do the switching.
At some points some power and Ethernet points (for PoE)
smoke/carbon detectors on power with backup battery.

But that’s really how you want to design things.
It really depends on the type of sensors.

E.g. If you go for some aqara sensors, take into account you probably need some USB power nearby.

So you have to opportunity, draw it out, decide on the type of sensors you have or especially would like to have in de future to prepare some stuff (like network and power).

thanks, well but 230V or some 12/24V? confused here.

Also i am still not clear about the automation /type of the sensors… no idea if there is some manual/recomm/book or software to design that.

I am afraid that once its not designed properly and i find out one cable is missing it will be too late.

Not clear on the design approach.


That’s the key.

You cannot decide on that when you have no plan on you smart home.
If you want to just switch “normal” fixtures, 230v should be sufficient, but if you want to do more clever stuff with multple switched, a microcontroller at the wall switch can be present and can require only 24v.

For what I know, there is no real guideline for a smart home.
I enjoyed this post and maybe can help you start some things:

When I moved houses a year ago, I did not had the opportunity to re-do the wiring, but I had the option to go for some “standards”.

So I decided on google smart devices
Shelly switches over wifi or ethernet where possible.
Philips Hue for lightning.

In this way I can mess around with some automations, use global API’s, but my house is not down when internet is gone. So still can use the lighting with swithces/hue buttons, monitor my Solar Inverter and control all the appliances.

Not getting a notification when somebody is at the door is just not that important. Everybody has a phone an can give me a ring when I don’t see it.

ah i see, well what are these shelly switches good for? it power on/off 230V via 24V micro-controller?
by global API u mean?

In that case u have to design first… and not to forget on anything?
Is it possible to recommend what cable is good for 24V?

similar post i did > Smart home recommended wirring - Advice


My own policy here: Wire>Zwave>Wifi>Zigbee

Wire is always the fastest and most reliable but can be complex /costly to setup.

Zwave proved dependable overtime with very few hiccups so far, even with a large network.

Wifi is great but your neighborhood can influence performance and crowding your DHCP with tons of smart device is debatable. Plus those aren’t adequately secured most of times and degrade your wifi perf because they run on outdated versions of wifi and/or broadcast like pigs. At my place, only well-behaved IoT and devices are allowed to use the Wifi.

I wouldn’t rely on zigbee for anything security / safety / sensitive related, but it’s great for gadgets like lights, sound, etc.

@kameo4242 fully agree,
but i prefere zigbee over wifi …

the main issue on my side is

  • how to find / where to find Wired sensors…
  • how to design cable management, as i am going to renovate whole flat but still no clue how to design it properly in advance.