Set historical statistics manually


there is under developer tools the possiblity to set the statistics for a utility meter für a certain 5min interval somewhere in the past. I wonder if there is also a way to set the values for a whole month.

My scenario is: I recently started reading my digital energy meter via tasmota into my home assistant. But for the 4 years before I only read the value from my energy meter monthly into an excel file. So I wondered if there is a way how to set these montly values in home assistant so that I can already see the stats from the years and months before even though I created the sensors and stats just recently.

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Hello, I am looking for something similar. I would like to delete a specific historical point and add my own historical data taken manually from Excel. I think is possible adding manually to the database. Still I haven’t tried (I’m not at home) but it seems can works…

Besides to delete… I think also is possible add.

I will try during the day and if I manage I will write.