Set ‘native’ reminder in Google Home


I’ve got the Google Assistant component all set up and working now, works like a charm. One other thing that I’d like to have is to use the ‘native’ reminder option of the Google Home that I’m using.

When I say “Hey Google, remind me to go upstairs at 7.30” to my Google Home, it will set the reminder and at 7.30 sharp it will play a little sound with “I’ve got a reminder for Hmmbob”. Replying “Hey Google, what’s up” will get the full reminder. It will also display one white led while the reminder is pending.

I’d like to set some reminders with an automation from within Home Assistant, but I did not find a way yet to do so. I am not looking for a “tts.google_say” action, but for a way to set the native reminder as described above.

Who knows how to?


I’d like to set some reminders with an automation from within Home Assistant

I don’t know about others, but I don’t understand what you mean by this part.
Care to expand, possibly with a use case?


Sure thing!

I’d like to use it as another way of sending notifications. For instance, I have my local trash collection days as sensor, and the day before trash will be collected a notification is sent to my phone. However, I’d like my google home to announce this as a reminder to put the trash out. In this way, I would be able to ‘queue’ a notification, see the white led / hear Google say “I have a notification for Hmmbob” and when I have time to listen, I’d just ask “What’s up” and get the reminder played. So basically instead of sending a notification to my Pushbullet, it will have a notification waiting at my Google Home.

Does that make more sense?


Gotcha now. You want HA to queue reminders onto your Google (Home) account.

Can’t tell you if there is a way to do that, but I have had a bit of a gander, and when I place a Google Home reminder, it is placed accessible to my calendar on my phone.
Long story short, a CLI POST using this Google API might get what you need.


You might want to try out the following add-on @Hmmbob:

I haven’t used the add-on myself yet, but as you can issue commands with it, you should be able to set reminders too.


Ok, I searched for an API option for this, but apparently this hasn’t been opened up yet by Google, as this topic / issuetracker confirms:

Too bad, would’ve loved to use it.


That’s a real shame.
I applaud your Google-fu in finding that though!