Set trigger or condition when thermostat current temperature is below target temperature in Tuya thermostat

Hello all.
I want to set a trigger or a condition with a Tuya BHT-006 Series Thermostat, that happens when the current temperature is below the target temperature, but I don’t know how to retrieve the target_temp in the settings of the thermostat.
It would work for me either to retrieve the state of the switch.
What can I do?

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Keep in mind that there are more than a thousand integrations and tens of thousand devices that work with Home Assistant. So that we can give you accurate advice, show us what you have so far for your automation and/or post a screenshot of the entity information from the States tool under Developer Tools.

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Sorry, I’m quite newbie here, I thought that the model of the device will be enough.
I just want to retrieve the target temperature to set some triggers and conditions comparing it with the current temperature.

This is the status set in the Tuya IoT Platform:

It would be ok for me to retrieve the switch status too.

For the Tuya thermostat, the temperature attribute is the target temperature.

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