Set up Zigbee Adapter GPIO (RaspBee Premium) with deCONZ-Addon

Hi guys,

I’m currently setting my HA (HAOS on Raspi). the hardware im using is not a “generic USB-Controller” for the Zigbee protocol but a GPIO-Adapter, see the link below:

Now i followed the documentation for the deCONZ-addon (6.12.0) but i fail setting up the addon, as i can’t find the correct path (of the hardware?):

If i visit Supervisor -> System -> Host system -> Hardware i cannot see any path which seems so be the correct one, i already did some trial and error by guessing, without succuess obviously.

So is there any kind of “auto detect” for my hardware path or even a guideline for the correct setup of my hardware?

Many thanks in advance!

So i found a solution via the ZHA-Integration and this guideline:

I have the same problem that wighdeas had but I can’t find the solution in ZHA. Please explain.