Setup can't find suitable version when updating Homeassistant since 0.106.2

Hi i have a minor problem when updating Homeassistant since 0.106.2.
I’s most likely a local problem but I would like to fix it.
First i try

sudo hassbian-config upgrade homeassistant

If this fails then i do a forced installation.

sudo hassbian-config install -F homeassistant

This is a success.

The last update I have done is from 0.107.4 to 0.107.5

Version info from start of first setup.
Generating system information…

Home Assistant: 0.107.4
Home Assistant Python: 3.7.3
hassbian-config: 0.13.1

Linux hassbian 4.19.97-v7+ #1294 SMP Thu Jan 30 13:15:58 GMT 2020 armv7l GNU/Linux

Suite: Home Assistant
Installed: true
Contributed to the project by Lindqvist
Installs the base homeassistant package onto this system.

The last lines from first setup.
0.105.3, 0.105.4, 0.105.5, 0.106.0b0, 0.106.0b1, 0.106.0b2, 0.106.0b4, 0.106.0b5, 0.106.0, 0.106.1, 0.106.2, 0.106.3, 0.106.4, 0.106.5, 0.106.6, 0.107.0b0, 0.107.0b1, 0.107.0b2, 0.107.0b3, 0.107.0b4, 0.107.0b5, 0.107.0b6, 0.107.0b7, 0.107.0b8, 0.107.0, 0.107.1, 0.107.2, 0.107.3, 0.107.4, 0.107.5)

ERROR: No matching distribution found for homeassistant==
Deactivating virtualenv…
Restarting Home Assistant
Checking the installation…
Operation completed…
Note that it may take some time to start up after an upgrade.

I think somewhere a file is broken or an environment variable is missing within my installation.
And this is not being repaired by a forced installation.

What can I do to repair this?

Kind regards , Robert

@RobertFey I have the same problem. Check this: Upgrade Issues - 106.5

Thanks for your reaction.
I notice that now almost every next update things fall-over. I’m not even get HA up and running with version 0.108.x.

So … I decided to say goodby Hassbian.
I’m now still running HA with version 0.107.7 and building with the latest version in docker.

Kind regards, Robert