Severe Weather Alerts from the US National Weather Service


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#83 … i am trying to make a package with this…I think you two work is great…how should i preceed? I think one place to manage would be great and that is what packages offer
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it looks like the website might be experiencing issues. possibly with your zones?. I don’t see that in my logs.

Have you disabled my rest sensor? I have both running in parallel but if you are having issues maybe try to disable my rest sensors and try again with the component.


I have mine set to update every minute and I’ve never (obviously or knowingly…) been denied access.


I just want to add a thank-you to you guys working on this. I’ve installed eracknaphobia’s component, and it worked right away, as there’s an active alert. I will keep an eye on it, and report and issues. I’m not sure I fully understand what it will do if there’s more than 1 alert, can you explain?


It’s working now. I broke the cardinal rule of changing more than one thing at a time between tests so I don’t know if it was my fat finger of mistyping a zone (TXC021 vs TCX021) or if it was I noticed the quote marks looked slightly different when I re-entered the config lines manually vs my cut-n-paste earlier:

- platform: nws_alerts
  zone_id: 'TXZ193'
- platform: nws_alerts
  zone_id: 'TXC021'

Above is my new text.


It adds the alerts together. Here’s an example


I’ve update the script

Version 0.0.2
- Change update interval to 1 minute
- Added event title above each alert in display_desc


Btw, you can join two or more zones into one sensor by adding a comma in between each zone id.

- platform: nws_alerts
  zone_id: 'TXC021,TXZ193'


I’m not seeing anywhere that you used the new sensor in your automations.

Did I miss it somewhere or was that intentional?


Just for display purposes I can see them both being displayed together like that but for any automations I’m not seeing how you can read the second alert and use it as actionable information.


Yes I see you created the sensor but I don’t see any where in your automation that you are using that sensor information.


How would one go about hiding the zones in secret.

- platform: nws_alerts 
  zone_id: !secret nws_zones

Then in the secret file do something like this?

nws_zones: INZ009, INZ010

I just made up the second zone so it may not be right.


I’m not sure if the secret function is implemented on the component level or in the HA basic functionality level.

The best thing to do would be to try it and see if it works. If I get a chance I’ll try it too and let you know.


Yes, that should work.


I tried it. No errors but don’t have any alerts to know for sure.


Just go to and add a zone that currently has an alert to your zone id. I tested this last night and it worked fine.


OK, I’ve been playing around with the new sensor component and so far it seems pretty stable.

I have made a few modifications, tho.

I modified the update interval to 1 minute. (EDIT: I just noticed the latest version already has this set to a one minute update interval so disregard this if you have the latest version)

I also wanted to be able to split out the title, display_desc, and spoken_desc for the times that there are multiple alerts so that I will only get updates on the changes between them, not the entire message every time there is an update.

Here are the lines in the file to accomplish that (changes in bold):

EDIT: See post 112 for updated code.

I used a zone from northern California and it ended up reaching a total of 6 alerts so I’m glad I decided to index the messages all the way up to the 6th index ([5]).

I’ve only just finished the code today so it hasn’t been thoroughly tested yet but I’m confident enough that it works OK to at least post up what I have so far. I’ll definitely update anything as necessary if I discover any failures.