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Severe Weather Alerts from the US National Weather Service


First of all… Thank you for the absolutely amazing work!!!

I posted two small feature requests regarding formating of alerts here: https://github.com/eracknaphobia/nws_custom_component/issues/2

Any possibility of getting this as a formal component in hass? This absolutely needs to be in there, again amazing work!


Any plan to merge this into Home Assistant? I love the work! Like many others, I came here because I just learned of WUnderground shutting down the free api.

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I’m not a developer in any sense of the word so I wouldn’t even know how to begin to do that.


I updated the gist with the updated code to use it with the newest version of the Alexa Media TTS custom component.


@finity I just upgrade to 0.92.1 and I am now receiving this error ‘Integration feedparser not found when trying to verify its sensor platform’
Did something change with this sensor setup? It was working fine in 0.91 and I didn’t see a breaking change for this.

platform: feedparser
name: NWS Alert RSS Feed


Did you add an empty file named “__init__.py” to the nws_alerts folder?


Yes I did. If I comment out the sensor in my config.yaml the error goes away.


I’m sure it has to do with “The great migration” so its probably a folder structure issue for the feedparser custom component.

I haven’t updated to v92x so I cant troubleshoot it yet. I will be soon tho.

However, you really don’t need the feedparser portion of the package for everything else to work. You can just comment it out and everything else will still function until we get it working again.

Or you can go to the author of the feedparser component and ask for support there. Which, honestly, is the best solution since I’m sure there are others who use it and are probably affected too.


So this is interesting, Am I suppose to have the “custom-components/sensor.feedparser” installed? I haven’t added this and it seemed to be working. If I am that’s probably why the error. I didn’t see that this was required for the nws_alert.


Check your /custom_components/nws_alerts folder and make sure you have the following files:


and a folder:


which should have the files:


I don’t see the pycache folder or the 2 files. Do I need to create them? On 0.91 it was working fine.

I did add the custom component/sensor.feedparser and the invalid config error went away. I assume that is what was needed even though I never had that previously and I didn’t see it being required for the nws_alert.


I think the pycache folder and files will be created for you.


no. it’s not necessary.

i said as much in my post right above yours. :wink:

But if you just copied the complete package from the github then you need it installed because the config is included in the package.

I think i’ll remove it from the package so it causes less confusion.


when i add the sensor like in the example:

  - platform: nws
      - COZ240
      - COZ040
      - COC005

(only using my areas)

i get an error when i do the config check:

Integration nws not found when trying to verify its sensor platform.

I do not see any platform: nws used in this thread either.

Please read how to post for help.


that’s in interesting reply. but considering it pertains to this custom component i put it here…
here is a link to the custom component that seems to be referenced above


I searched this thread for that platform and only found platform: nws_alerts

I see that component was last updated a month ago. There have been several changes that could break custom components that have not been updated.


have you changed the way you installed the component based on the requirements of “The Great Migration”?

the component needs to be in the following directory/file:


you will copy the “raw” code from the eracknaphobia github repository for the nws_alert sensor and place the code into the above “sensor.py” file.

you also need to create an empty "__init__.py" file in that same directory (two underscores before & after init).

restart HA and it (hopefully…) will work.


yes, i did that before… and it was working, but since upgrading to 0.92.1 it’s now broken. so i checked the documentation. that documentation i linked no longer has:

it shows:

so that is now how i have it. if the link i provided is the incorrect component, maybe someone could link me the correct one and i can follow the directions for it so update mine


yes that is a completely different component than the one i’m using for this.

i’ve linked to the correct custom component upthread and in my gist with the instructions for this. but here it is again:

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