Share or joint "/media" directory and "/share/modipy" directory?

Hello All,

At this moment, I have 2 methods to manage music : mopidy with"/share/modipy" or the media browser with the new “/media” directory. If I want to use these 2 functionalities I must store my music in these 2 directories.
Is it possible to share or joint or link “/media” directory and “/share/modipy” directory ? If possible and in how ?
As someone already successfully tried ?
Thank’s for your responses in advance.

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Yes, you can add this:

    local: /media
    mopidy: /share/modipy

You already have the homeassistant: in your configuration.yaml most probably

See the docs here:

You can also set local to /share/mopidy like so:

    local: /share/mopidy

This might be the scenario you want, you then have only 1 media dir, pointing to your mopidy share

ok, but how do you mount an external network share (SMB from NAS) and use it as a media directory?

That was not the original question :wink:

But it might be possible if you read this topic:

ok thanks! I will try it