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What does it means?

No more themes available on HA?

sorry i just deleted my post do not panic lol

Here is my vintage theme -


Nvm i used a theme from @PhysicalMagic and edited only base-hue to 120

@PhysicalMagic Is it possible to change the base-Hue from an input_number? I don’t think the themes are currently templateable, are they?

Could you use the same method as below but on but on a global scale…

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@Bobby_Nobble Interesting. I’ll have a look. Thanks

This is what I did.

Here you find the code:

Regards Mike


Hi all
I am beginner user HA. Can you give me full manual step by step how add more than defualt themes ? I want add themes which is presented on this topic…

I just add them into a file called frontend.yaml

    - /local/custom_ui/state-card-floorplan.html
    - /local/custom_ui/state-card-sstvremote.html
  javascript_version: latest
      #Color List
      make-light-carbon: "#93A5AB"
      make-carbon: "#111924"
      make-grey: "#DEE5E7"
      make-green: "#C2DD08"
      blah blah blah
      # Main Stuff #
      primary-color: "#1DE9B6" # Primary (most of the UI)
      primary-background-color: "#303030" # Primary background colour (dialogs, e.t.c)
      secondary-background-color: "#303030" # Secondary background colour (main UI background)
      blah blah blah

and call it from configuration.yaml with …
frontend: !include frontend.yaml

Thanks for reply
But if I want ads more than one theme how put it to frontend.yaml file?

Can you share your theme cyan ?

My example shows how to add more than one theme :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks I added more than one theme. Thanks

Trying to use this REALLY NICE theme but something went wrong so i can’t se the devices names in the logbook! Any ideas what to change?

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you can find it here: Dark Cyan Theme

is there an overview of built-in colors we can use out of the box? red, green, white yellow seem to work when creating a theme, but grey or brown not.

Other then specifying the colors like this “#4e4e4e” id love to read which colors are builtin so to speak.


What did you use for your floorplan? I used sketchup, I’m just not happy with it.

Luckily our home builder had our floorplans available as an svg file on their website. So I just grabbed them and modified.