Shell command doesn't work anymore after 2020.12

I have simple shall command which did work without any issues, but it doesn÷t work anymore after 2020.12:
paplay --volume=15000 /media/notifications/short-notice.wav

All I get is this error:
Error running command: paplay --volume=15000 /media/notifications/short-notice.wav, return code: 1

In terminal (SSH & Web & Terminal add-on) it works as expected.

What changes in the atest update that it doesn’t work anymore? Any idea how can I fix it?

Thank you.

Check your command in the homeassistant container.

But it does work in Terminal add-on even with protection mode On, so I do not have any problem with terminal.
Problem is, that shell_command doesn’t work even it worked before. What has been changed? I cannot find anything in release notes.

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Same issue here. I think it started to fail after the HassOS 5 update (for me it was before 2020.12 version).
Any hint/solution you have found so far?

I am using it with SSH & Web Terminal add-on like this now:

  alias: Confirm sound
  - data:
      addon: a0d7b954_ssh
      input: /config/my_scripts/
    service: hassio.addon_stdin

and contains:

paplay --volume=15000 /media/notifications/short-notice.wav
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Thanks, it seems that hassio.addon_stdin service doesn’t work with core_ssh add on, only with the SSH & Web Terminal one, which I can’t install due to a boken pipe error. Seems impossible to fix!