Shell command not working with argument passing to script

Hey folks,

this is driving me nuts! I have been going over this for the past 3 hours…

Shell Script (/config/

curl --location 'http://IP:PORT/api/recognize/upload' --form files[]=@"$1"

shell command in configuration (path hardcoded for test):

  send_doorbell_image: bash /config/ /root/config/themes/ios-themes/herbstferien-193.jpg

Error message:

[homeassistant.components.shell_command] Error running command: `bash /config/ /root/config/themes/ios-themes/herbstferien-193.jpg`, return code: 26
NoneType: None

When I execute the exact same command in the terminal (HA addon) it works.

Why is this not working when evoked via shell command in automation ?!

Please help me figure this out.

Bit of context:
My Nest doorbell can’t be configured in Frigate (no stream URL). So I want to send the event image to the double take REST API for face recognition.

Welcome to HA! :slightly_smiling_face:

You need to test your command inside the HA Container.

Ah, now we are getting somewhere. The dummy command seems to work when I delete the quotes around the path and begin the path with “/config” instead of “/root/config”.