Shelly Blu Button1 press combinations beyond the 4 "preprogrammed" optioms

I just got a Shelly Blu Button1 and added it into home assistant. I’ve got automations working flawlessly with a single, double, triple, or long press. Prior to this, I assumed that those 4 actions were the limit of what the button could do, but in home assistant I’m also seeing trigger options for “Long Double Press” and “Long Triple Press”. These don’t seem to work, which seems to be due to the button not recognizing those combinations as an input and subsequently sending that command.

Is it possible to use commands beyond the 4 “preprogrammed” options? Would that require different firmware? In whatever way it might be possible, I’d appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction.

Extra info:

HAOS running on old Dell laptop
Not sure which of these is actually useful but
Core 2024.1.0
Supervisor 2023.12.0
OS 11.2
Frontend 20240103.3

I do not have any other Shelly bluetooth capable devices and therefore have not set it up the “correct” way using a Bluetooth gateway. I instead used the Shelly BLE debug app to update firmware and then added the button to HA. HA automatically recognized the device and added it through the BTHome integration.

Bluetooth adapter is whatever exists inside the laptop.

I’m a newb in home assistant, networking stuff, and iot in general. And I mean NEWB; some people say they are a newb and then go on to tell that they do have a background in programming or network engineering or whatever. The only useful background I have is writing simple programs on my ti-84 plus back in highschool.