Short question about a lux sensor that dynamically switches with dark and light modes,

Dear forum readers,

I have a short question (possibly overlooked answers).

I have a Xiaomi lux sensor.
I would like to have the right light intensity in my living room at all times.

In other words: when it gets dark, the light has to burn brighter, when it gets brighter in the living room, the light will dim automatically.

Is there blueprint available for this?

Thank you in advance for any answers! :slight_smile:

Put the word lux in the search for this forum, maybe?

No, sorry… I hadn’t come up with that idea. :roll_eyes:
I’m asking this, because a lot of the proposed solutions are not 100% working.
But thanks for this constructive contribution.

Not a blueprint, but I think this will help.
From my perspective this topic is solved!

Marked as solved!!!