Shutdown via shell command Synology

Hi All

I tried since long the way to shutdown the synology NAS in my home throught a swich in HA.

What i can share with you is the Power on via WAKE on LAN that is working as expected


  • platform: wake_on_lan
    mac: “YOUR MAC”
    name: NAS
    host: “YOUR IP”

Is anyone here able to help with a shutdown command maybe via shell? I tried diferent way but… no lucky. For sure i have a create on the NAS a username and password only for this porpouse
Note that im able to access the NAS via SSH but i not found the way how to exejute a shutdown command via HA

I am also looking for a way to do this.

Have a look here: Power on / off NAS by using WOL and SSHPASS I managed to get it working, hope it helps you :slight_smile: