Shutter Card

I think the timebased is not compatible with with this card if you cant get it to work. Seems like you need a cover that sets position with 0-100% to get that feature.

A workaround might be to create a dummy cover and then use automations or node-red to calculate the movement from procentage to actual time up or down to link them together.

ok thanks - was suspecting there would be no easy option.

What about the type: ‘custom:vertical-slider-cover-card’ type of card?
I’m thinking if the rf_time based object may work with this?

I dont know. Never tried them.

ok not worries - looks like I have some reseearch to do. May even ask my colleagues at work who are developers.

I have implemented an RF bridge with mqtt payload commands now to control this. Hoping to get the action of the blind to work now.

Any pointers would be appreciated. Buttons work but still the action of the blind movement does not.
Also % says undefined.

  - platform: mqtt
    name: 'Living Room Blind'
    command_topic: "cmnd/RF_Bridge/Backlog" 
    payload_open: RFRAW AA ....
    payload_stop: RFRAW AA ..
    payload_close: RFRAW AA....
    state_open: "open"
    state_opening: "opening"
    state_closed: "closed"
    state_closing: "closing"
    payload_available: "online"
    payload_not_available: "offline"
    retain: false

Just wanted to say thanks for this card. I’ve just started flashing tasmota to my Tuya controllers/switches and this is working brilliantly.

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Is there a way to change the font size and family of the sc-shutter-label? I have tried to no avail.

      - type: custom:shutter-card
        style: |
          ha-card {
            justify-self: {{ justify_self|default('start') }}
            font-size: {{ font_size|default('var(--title-text-font-size)') }}
            font-family: var(--font-family);
            font-weight: {{ font_weight|default('var(--title-text-font-weight)') }}
            color: "{{ font_color|default('var(--title-text-color)') }}"                
            border-radius: var(--ha-card-background);
            box-shadow: var(--ha-card-background);
            background: none;
            overflow: hidden;
            sc-shutter-label: {{ font_size|default('var(--title-text-font-size)') }}
            sc-shutter-label: font-familiy: font-family: var(--font-family);

As a german guy the shutter did not line up with the real world for me. So I made some pull request w/ configurable offset to handle this.

Would love to hear some comments on this:


I have an RF bridge with Tasmota and a shutter. The RF side is ok, but the visualty is not working on the card. When I press open or close button, the “icon” not react.

This is my cover:

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "shutter1"
    command_topic: "cmnd/RFbridge/backlog"
    qos: 1
    payload_open: "RfRaw AAB0xxxxxxxx; RfRaw 0"
    payload_close: "RfRaw AAB0xxxxxxxx; RfRaw 0"
    payload_stop: "RfRaw AAB0xxxxxxxxx; RfRaw 0"
    optimistic: true

And the card:

type: 'custom:shutter-card'
  - entity: cover.shutter1
    name: Shutter1

State on card is everytime: undefined%

I want when I press the close button, the shutter on the card would be closed and the status would be closed. And vice versa. Is this possible?

The interesting thing is that the status of the shutter is always displayed correctly in HomeKit.

Do you have any ideas?


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Hi all
Unfortunately, since I changed the Lovelace to YAML mode, the shutter-card no longer works either.

This is the error message:

Custom element doesn’t exist: shutter-card.
type: ‘custom:shutter-card’
title: Storen Eltern

  • entity: cover.shelly_eltern_fenster_storen
    name: Position
    buttons_position: left
    title_position: bottom

And here the configuration in configuration.yaml.

  mode: yaml
  - url: /local/community/hass-shutter-card/hass-shutter-card.js
    type: module

Thanks for a hint

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Hi there
I have a zemismart blind motor witch shows its status on Tuya app and have installed
shutter card using HACS. Resourses seems ok. I added a custom card and i can not use the animation to move up or down my roller whilist the buttons seem to work. Also can not show the percentage (undefined%) although i have set upper and lower limmits on my roller and i can see it in tuya app.
Can someone help ?

Hi, anybody give a clue, why the custom card doubles the image? :sleepy:

You have two entitites specified, it does what you tell him :slight_smile:

 - first
 - second

deleted “- second” and now working right!!! my first knx shutter integrated in hass!! Thanks a lot!!!

Has anyone done something similar using curtains, or horizontal blinds? I can’t seem to find any examples, but surely someone has done it for their lovelace dashboard.

What does a config look like with boolean to true
Novice and so I would like an example. Thanks.

I have same problem via Tuya app. I how and where do I place the boolean to true?

Still love this card - I think it’s my favourite thing in Lovelace, with the movement tracked from Tasmota position updates it’s fantastic.

Does anyone use something similar for an Awning/Roll-out shade? Happy to try and create one, but it’s effectively just a different graphic of the above.

Not sure if it will do what you need, but I’ve just added this new card for my awnings (the triangle option for me is perfect). You can do a horizontal slide, but not sure about two for curtains.

That looks perfect, thanks. Looks great for other apps too!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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