Silvercrest / Lidl Smarthome

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I don’t have that device to be able to test, but if you want create a fork of this repository , push your modifications and then finally create a Pull request with the zigbee2mqtt repository. Also write in the comments the json record of your device create in data/database.db.

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I don’t use that library but for what I saw in this website ( The ZHA uses the zigpy project, to manage the devices I think they use this repository ( You could try create a issue or add the device itself with their best practises.

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Please :pray: vote :top: to have the silvercrest/Lidl gateway integration!



from the 3.12 on we can buy the smarthome products here in Germany. One question i need the Zigbee Gateway (Silvercrest) for the products? I have a conbee II with deCONZ.


As you can read in this topic, people have succes using a conbee stick or hue hub to connect most of the devices.

I use a ConBee and DeConz and just bought two Lidl products, the plug, which works fine, and the door sensor which Deconz identifies badly and is unusable in Home Assistant.

Just to make sure. Are you talking about this led strip:

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Is there a way to integrates lidl gateway with his devices?

Thanks a lot!

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Hello NHC,

Yes. I bought the same, Easy to pair with Conbee II and ZHA

Hello all,

I need support, I try to light my new lidl bulbs (or the Led Strip) using Light_ON service.
Unfortunatelly, the white is not as bright as it should.

This is my parameter :slight_smile:
entity_id: light.tz3000_odygigth_ts0505a_level_light_color_on_off
transition: 2
brightness_pct: 100
white_value: 255
color_name: white

If I use the dashboard with following parameters, it is much better

Someone can help ?

Try color_temp or kelvin. The parameters you use are meant for color values. If the LED light has a dedicated white color you should not use those values.

What you can do is set the light like you want through the UI you have there. Then go to developer tools and ook at the attributes. Then you can use those attributes for color_temp or kelvin and have it exactly like that with an service call.

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Thanks ASNNet

I both tried color_temp and kelvin, but it sounds that it is not supported by the lidl bulb. Strange,

If I get the state, I have following parameters, but I also get an error if I try to reuse them :slight_smile:

What kind off radiator thermostatic heads, which SilverCrest gateway see, do you have?

These ones:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

And this is the gateway: image

For anyone interested, here’s a quick look video at the Gateway and bulbs:

Can someone who bought the gateway please open it up and post pictures of all the chips inside it?

If their gateway/hub is based on an ESP8266 or ESP32 then maybe it could be hacked with Tasmota?

Tasmota ESP8266 firmware runs on Sonoff ZBBridge by Itead but that has WiFi only and not Ethernet.

Hi here you go

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@Jakub.Vitik Nice, though any chance you can take another picture with a flash or better lights?

The picture is a little too blurry to read the text on the smaller chips and guess that is lack of lighting? It would also be best to save in PNG format instead of JPG due to it having worse compression artefacts.

Regardless it looks like might have put their own sticker on-top of the WiFi SoC chip so it could be an ESP8266 or ESP32 but the easiest way to tell would probably to remove that sticker and take a picture of the bare chip without that sticker. Another more advanced option way would be to probe the pins.

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I just bought one in Switzerland. Will try to post pictures later. The big sticker is on a blank metal housing. Not sure yet how to remove it to see the chip which is underneat without breaking somehting.

I can confirm that the string lights work with ZHA, no effects available and color accuracy is poor.