Simple motion activation blueprint with illuminance taken into account

Super simple blue print to turn on the lights if the illumination condition is fulfilled.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

I use it in my hallway, to only turn on the hallway lights when it is dark enough. So the lights will only turn on when they are needed.

Play around with the luminance threshold and set it to your liking :slight_smile:

Here is the gist with the code.

EDIT: I have a new improved version of this here

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Perfect! You’re my hero of the day! Or month even!

Using it with my Aqara T1 motion sensor and IKEA LED in the kitchen. Just wondering though: do you have a motion sensor that doesn’t suffer from the 2 minute ‘cooldown’ timer? I’d like to have it turn off the light after 30 seconds or 1 minute, but it’s capped at 2 minutes minimum, the motion sensor doesn’t register any motion within 2 minutes after registering something.

Haha no problem!

I have only used this with my Philips Hue sensor, which I actually don’t know the ‘cooldown’ on. I know that I’ve seen someone hacking there way around that, resetting the sensor after a set amount of time if you want to have it be faster than 2 minutes. Can’t remember where though, sorry…

Thanks for your reponse! Yeah I’ve seen quite some hacks indeed, like here: Xiaomi Human / Body / Motion Sensor - Timeout - #269 by mgiako

Was just wondering whether you might have had some magical solution :slight_smile: .

I tried this with a Hue Motion Sensor connected through the ZHA with a conbeeII. When we connect this way the only entity with the Motion class actually is toggled by a hidden switch in the battery area on the sensor. I was able to change the blueprint to instead look for an occupancy sensor and all works well. Im not sure if you can specify more then one class to be allowed for that field but it might be helpful to some if both motion and occupancy entities could be selected.

I have 5 Hue motion sensors, the cooldown / timeout is only 10 seconds via Z2M. Almost quite perfect, I think with the Aqara hack you can get it down to 5 seconds but I really like using the high end Hue products in my house.

Is there a way to set a certain brightness , corresponding to lux level?

Created a new blueprint that is based on this, you can check it out here