Simple warehouse management

Hello there,

i wanted a very simple way for keeping track of the grocery items we store in a room in the basement.

I would like to have items and a counter of these items.
Preferably being able to display it as a list on the lovelace.

And when we put things in that room we add them or increase the counter, and when we take things out, we decrease the value.

So i could have an overview of whats down there without actually going down.

I started a test by making several helpers (counter) for each product and then i can track the amount there. And then i tried to have it added to lovelace but i couldnt find how to make a list of all that helpers.

Is there an integration that does what i want without much overhead?
Or is there like a database i could setup in HA to have it in a db?

Or is the helper way the one to go? If yes, how to display it as a (sortable) list?

Thanks for you answers.


The entities lovelace card should be able to show all the helpers in one card.
Find the correct name of the helper by searching on it in the Developer Tools - States

with some clever use this should be able to do, what you ask:


Thankyou for the hint with the Grocy addon.

I just installed and configured it. Then i added over 60 products.
Lets see if it fits my needs.

Thankyou very much!

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Thankyou for your help.

I just switched to use Grocy, but i will use this, when Grocy doesnt fullfil my needs :slight_smile: