Size of home-assistant_v2.db does not change

Hi all,
since a few days the size of my sqlite database file home-assistant_v2.db does not change. But the recorder seems to write data to the file, because I see the history of the current day and also far into the past (purge_keep_days: 31).
Here is my recorder configuration:

purge_keep_days: 31
- automation
- update
- sensor.sun*
- weather.*
- sensor.openweathermap_forecast*
- binary_sensor.update_available
- zone.*

Is there any size limit for the sqlite file? Or does anyone else have any idea what’s going on?

Thanks in advance for every hint!
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How are you checking the file size?

There is no size limit.

Nice attempt at formatting your post but these are not backticks.

I have a sensor ‘sensor.home_assistant_v2_db_size’ which shows 2.719,37 MB. When I check the file via samba share it shows 2.719.367.168 Bytes.
Can you also help me how to quote code correctly?

Thx and best regards

Sure, have a read of this:

When you reach the purge_limit " 31 days " the size of the DB will remain fairly stable, if you not have added entities etc.
It will purge about the same amount as inserted, daily

Sure, “fairly stable” and “about the same amount” is clear to me.
But then the size would have to increase during the day and then decrease again at 4:12 at night. However, not a single byte has changed for 4 days (via Samba share) and the history does not show a single curve. It looks more like the recorder is neither writing nor purging.

first step, check logfiles, second reboot