SkyConnect vs Sonoff Dongle-E

Deciding between the two, has someone tried both and can give some insight? I am looking for reliability and range with zigbee devices.
Not too concerned with future compatibility with matter/thread…

I abandoned the Sonoff Dongle-E and reverted to the P.

Are you going with ZHA or ZigBee2MQTT?

There’s a comparison here:

I read that one should go with a newer Sonoff ZBDongle-E rather than Sonoff ZBDongle-P (with CC chip) with more reliable connectivity and range?

I have not given any thought about ZHA vs Zigbee2MQTT but as I want to start simple I assume I will use ZHA. I don’t need any custom MQTT behavior right now.

That is the opposite of my experience. ZBDongle-E and Skyconnect have more weirdness in general for me under both z2m and ZHA. ZBDongle-P has been rock solid, but use the 20220922 or 220221226 firmware. The May 2023 release has issues for some users.

Agreed, my ZBDongle-E sits in a drawer :rofl: The ZBDongle-P fixed all my connectivity issues.

Hi there. This may confuse you even more, however, I will say that I’m using both the Sonoff Dongle E and the Dongle P. I’m using the E for ZHA and the P with Z2MQTT. Why you may ask? I was just curious as to if HA would run both ZHA & Z2MQTT side by side. Which it does. Both dongles, for me anyway, are fairly well rock solid. I have 51 devices on Z2MQTT with 27 devices on ZHA. Using a Pi 4b. I was looking for some info re Skyconnect and came across this thread. So thought I’d just add my own experience. Oh, and for what it’s worth if undecided as use Z2MQTT or ZHA. In my experience Z2MQTT would be my go to one if looking to expose full entities within a device, say a TRV or perhaps a lightbulb. But for less demanding devices say a door or motion sensor, where it’s just off and on. Then use ZHA.

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