Slow to respond all of a sudden

Hi all.

Has anyone else had an issue for the past couple of days where HA seems to have gone to sleep? My lights turn on in different rooms based on automations and suddenly it randomly has a delay of up to 20 seconds, like the server has gone to sleep for a while. It’s not just automations, it’s happening with different brands of sensors, switches and bulbs so I’m thinking it must be HA related.


Somebody must’ve had this in the past. It’s driving me insane

Sure there must, however if you expect help, your “story” kind of lack , info in regards to logfiles, your which system you are running, etc. etc.

Or people ( as me ) will just “shoot in the dark”

Im sure you have read about people having issues with i.e their “wifi” etc, and people with alot device communicating through the cloud ( brand specific devices/clouds ) … this would/could give the same “result” under certain circumstances.

How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question.

To your initial “direct” question … No i have not experience the behavior you describe, and i have also updated to latest few days ago, and added another 2-3 wifi devices to HA ( so im closing up on 40 wifi-device, spread widely, on 2 floors + basement, Garage

PS: I forgot to mention about the increasing DB and Logfiles issues some people experience, which slow down and even hang/crash HA … because people don’t check their log files

I thought it might be something so wasn’t sure what I would need to post. Not all HAS users know what information is needed to get help, so apologies if I am not as experienced as some.

I have looked at my logs and there are 100’s of the following types of things. All of the items it lists are working but it looks like homekit is trying to add every single entity in my house for some reason.

2024-03-07 16:45:59.111 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.homekit] Cannot add sensor.enyaq_climatisation_time_left as this would exceed the 150 device limit. Consider using the filter option

Also just noticed this in the logs. I have zones using an Aqara FP2 which are one of the things delayed in responding to turning on lights

2024-03-07 16:43:01.826 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.sensor] Setup of sensor platform foxess is taking over 10 seconds.

2024-03-07 16:43:01.827 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.sensor] Setup of sensor platform foxess is taking over 10 seconds.

2024-03-07 16:43:05.622 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setup of application_credentials is taking over 10 seconds.

2024-03-07 16:43:05.625 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setup of timer is taking over 10 seconds.

2024-03-07 16:43:05.625 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setup of zone is taking over 10 seconds.

2024-03-07 16:43:05.626 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setup of input_select is taking over 10 seconds.

What brand of devices give problems is relevant, also what protocol they use, wifi, zigbee, z-wave, homekit, Thread/matter, …

But I noticed something weird in your logs. Over 150 homekit devices is a lot. But seeing Skoda entities among them is even weirder, because to my knowledge Skoda has no homekit integration. Did you somehow create a loop so that Home Assistant devices are exposed to homekit, only to then be exposed back to Home Assistant? Do you for instance use Homekit Bridge and Homekit integrations together to create a feedback loop? That would keep Home Assistant busy for sure.

The last entries, is as it says “only” Warnings, most likely after a restart, and as you see, All within 4 seconds, it’s not uncommon , specially if you have tons of integrations and +150 devices in your “climatisation system”

Slow Presence sensors, sounds like internet network issue, wifi or zigbee, Or Both
You might have made “changes” which cause interference, or hit the roof of simultaneous device

Aqara, generic wifi bulbs, moesgo switches, ring motion and door sensors are teh things which control my lights.

It is a Skoda custom integration I installed so I have no idea why homekit is trying to deal with it. It looks like homekit is trying to control every device but the only devices I have in the HA homekit integration are the Aqara devices.

I have 2 Homekit entries on HA as you can see from the attached image. One says it is a bridge and the other says homekit device. Within the bridge one, there are some Eufy cameras which I do not use with homekit but for some reason are there and there are some other things that I do not know what they are. Attached another screenshot of those.

Ignore the ‘failed setup’ I’ve deleted the offending item.

Screenshot 2024-03-07 183923

Homekit bridge kind of opposite to Homekit device. You’d normally not use both. Homekit device integration is to add homekit devices to home assistant if Home assistant has no other integration to include it. Homekit bridge exposes everything in Home Assistant to Homekit.

If you link those together the Home Assistant is adding all its own devices to itself yet again, and again, and again, and again, and again… until you end up hitting the 150 device limit. It also tries to send all state changes to itself again, and again,… so if that is the case, the question is not why is Home Assistant slow, but how is it possible anything works at all.

It also seems like you have multiple Homekit bridge integrations. I’m no expert but that also seems weird…

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Homekit Bridge( edit ) is a nightmare of an integration, same as the “new” Tuya

So I guess I need to somehow move the things in the bridge integration, into the device integration?

On another note, I have just noticed that when I go onto the HA tab on my computer, it says ‘connection lost, reconnecting’ at the bottom left of the screen. It’s as if it is stuck in a reboot loop.

Definitely means it’s rebooting, didn’t you rebooted this your self ?

I’d think you need to think about why you have both. Do you have a Homepod to use as a hub for homekit devices? I’d disable all homekit bridges and see what you have in Homekit device that does not belong there. What do you need Homekit device integration for?

I really do not know why I have both. I don’t know if the bridge is an Aqara hub perhaps?

I will turn everything off in the one called bridge and see what happens.

I need the Homekit device one for my aqara devices.

I did reboot today but not when I noticed it. I stopped the Homekit bridge integration from always looking for new devices and it seems to have settled down.

The bridge is for exporting Home Assistant devices, not integrating them. Definitely not for Aqara. That is why I asked if you have a Homepod or something similar that you use for voice control. If you don’t know what it is for, disable it all together.

I dont think it is related to that as my system has been perfect for over a year with updates, only one 5 months ago caused issues I rolled back to latest release before that, I have had issues since 2024.4, and 2024.3 basically killed the system.

rolled back to 2024.2 but its still slow about a 5 second delay before a light comes on etc on button presses. its frustraiting.

And as chesterflaps, you also seems to missed reading, the Url i pasted above, so i will here post it again, do pay special attention to the sections about log-files, and formatting code, when posting it in the Forum

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Mine settled down for a bit but it is back worse than ever now. I have created a new thread Everything HA associated running slow - #2 by chesterflaps