Smart Baby Monitor

Thanks! I only understood later that icecast does not necessarily have to be in the hassio docker so I installed it next to it and it works!

BUT I notice that the audio stream from icecast is very behind, sometimes 2 minutes behind. Anyone have an idea what could be the cause of this? is it maybe a hardware performace thing?

I have hassio running in Virtualbox with 2 cores, 2gb RAM but it has a hard time with FFMPEG and FFMPEG_NOISE

Is there something I can tweak, do I need to upgrade my hardware or is a two minute delay normal?

For new parents I’ll add me and my wife use a wyze can, $20 and works great, though it doesn’t work with home assistant (unless you flash a custom firmware) but theyer app is fine.

So I found using tinycampro, tasker, mqtt on android I am able to automate the baby monitor in either a floating window on android tv or on a fire tablet to start the video/audio stream. Works pretty well and I have it automated for when we turn on an input_boolean. I am using an amcrest camera to achieve this. Also have the motion sensor letting us know tis detecting motion in the crib for 30 seconds in case we are not near the tablet to hear it. Our house is small so we dont need audio in every room, just the room we are in. the whole setup works pretty well I must say.

The early days are best kept simple, then expand. Lack of sleep caused simple tasks to become a 2 person job.

How can I implement icecast on Hassio?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a mic for the Raspberry Pi?

I’m using this with an amcrest camera, however it uses aac so i got rid of the mp3 codec part

extra_arguments: -filter:a highpass=f=300,lowpass=f=2500,volume=volume=2 -ar 16000

Managed to get the input boolean and the ffmpeg_noise sensor working.

However the ffmpeg_noise sensor keeps tripping from detected to unavailable. Should that happen and way to debug?

I am yet to be able to latch on the the icecast audio stream.

I would try using vlc to connect to the stream, does it have audio, does the stream intermittently breakup?

i was missing in configuration.yaml

  ffmpeg_bin: /usr/bin/ffmpeg

Could someone help me figure out how to do this?

I suppose I need to install a raspbian on a Raspberry Pi as a first step. Do I think right?

I’m using a ReSpeaker mic.

I think the instructions are in the 1st post.

At the microphone (baby) end do you mean?

Yes, I do.

Then yes, the first step would be to install rasp pi os on, then get the mic working.

It’s a bit that this discussion is not updated, but maybe someone is trying to use it.
I have an issue with this. I’m using hassio and after adding ffmpeg: to the config and the binary_sensor, all I get is:

[haffmpeg.core] FFmpeg isn't running!

in the logs.
someone with a hint?

do you have ffmeg installed?

Thank you for your reply.
I’m using Hass, therefore I don’t have access to the underlying machine. It was my understanding that in the car of hassio the ffmpeg binary would be handled automatically

The car of hassio?

Sorry, I wrote it from my mobile phone and it corrected the spelling.

The word was “case”. In case someone is using hassio, there’s no access to the underlying system, everything is in docker containers. I read that when using hassio, the system is already configured for using ffmpeg. Those was old posts. Maybe something is changed,

There is no hassio.