Smart deadbolts, the Australian edition

Hey folks.
I’m looking for a smart deadbolt, with a keypad, that can integrate with Home Assistant.

The lock needs to have a keypad (I’d prefer touch screen), and make it easy to assign temporary codes. I’d also like to add an RFID reader, but happy to DIY that myself later. My partner has a strong preference for a lock that can also be opened with a key.

I’m not too concerned how it connects, as this is a fairly new installation. Wired is doable. For wireless systems, Z-Wave would have to be compatible with the Australian frequency range. I don’t have any Apple hardware, so I believe HomeKit isn’t an option (but if HomeKit devices can be made to work without an Apple TV or similar as hub, I’d love to know).

I’m not interested in cloud-based locks that require an internet connection to work.

The options that I’ve found readily available from Australian retailers online are:

  • Schlage Sense. Uses HomeKit :frowning: . The Schlage Connect uses Z-Wave and would be perfect, but I haven’t been able to find any locally. Fired off an email to their support people asking if they make it for Australia, haven’t heard anything yet.
  • Lockwood Secure Connect. Z-Wave, easily available in Australia, some mild searching shows that it integrates will with Home Assistant. But Lockwood’s decision to drop the keyed version makes me sad.
  • Vision Z-Wave Deadbolt Keypad. Works in Australia. Can’t seem to find anybody successfully using this one with Home Assistant. Everything I’ve read about this lock says it only works with Vision Z-Wave hubs, but I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing apart from cost. And, honestly, I really don’t like the look of the keypad.

Is there anything I’m missing?


Do you need a device with Zwave frequency for Australia? Could be tricky to find.
You may have to buy a Z-Wave stick for US or EU frequencies to have more choices of hardware.

I’ve made a similar request on Safe deadbolt (not nightlatches!) Z-Wave 'smart' locks for front door of a house? (UK)

I think you need to get over the key… it comes with 2 card keys no?

if you need a key you can buy from the USA a Yale Real Living® Assure Lock® Touchscreen Deadbolt (YRD226)

Both the UK and US Z-Wave frequencies overlap with mobile phone allocations in Australia. I’m not keen on potentially stopping my neighbours from using their phones, and even less keen on the criminal charges if an ACMA car happens to drive down my street.

What does? I haven’t yet seen a smart deadbolt with keypad, rfid and any sort of remote access capability.

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That will use the USA Z-wave frequency though. Better to get it in Australia where it is sold with the correct frequency: It has no key though. This one does (no touch pad)

Ugh you’re right… so many smart locks on there I got confused and the only wireless one has no key. Oops.

I’m in Aus as well and haven’t wanted to go down the Z-Wave lock path as availability isn’t great, they are super costly, and seem to have intermittent issues with HA.

I’m in the process of building one of these Magnetic locks. Very simple to do, and cheap. I am adding in an additional SLA battery and trickle charger to the circuit so the lock stays powered and locked during a power outage. Not so keen on the power being out when I am not home and having the front door swing open.

I have used a blank switch plate using the same components from this Dr Zss video to lock/unlock the door internally.

I am also adding in an additional external hidden button a few meters from the door as a failsafe to interrupt the battery power which will unlock the door.

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Looks like a fun build. But if I were going the DIY route I’d probably add an electric strike plate to my existing deadbolt, and have the strike plate fail closed. Doesn’t fall open when the house loses power, but can still be opened from the inside in an emergency.

That’s certainly on the cards for the next build on the front entrance.

This particular instance, I like the ability to have the door swing open when unlocked for a particular reason - my dogs sleep at the back door, and always wake me up to go outside in the morning, so having the door automatically open for them at 7am will be great! I work shift work, so I love my sleep.

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sigh Schlage tell me they have no plans to sell the Connect here.

I’m about to pull the trigger on a Lockwood for my front door. It does most of what I want, we can live without a key barrel, and down the line I’d like to add a separate RFID reader.

Really keen on playing with DIY solutions for the other entrances, but that’ll be a project for another month.

If you only need a valid/not valid RFID signal there is a real cheapie on eBay that works well hooked up to the raspi GPIO:

No good if you want separate identification of each triggering tag though.

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I did shell out for the Lockwood / Yale Z-Wave deadbolt. Model YRD240, one of the keyless ones. Looks good, installs easily, and was dead easy to get up and running with Home Assistant.

Looking around some more, I eventually found which lists a few more options. I didn’t realise Kwikset build their Z-Wave locks with Australian radios, that could be a pretty good option too.

Nice, but I’d much rather get IDs from the RFID fob/card so I can link them to users. I’ve started playing with a reader, with a view to maybe building a DIY unit. We’ll see.

Is anyone using Vision Deadbolt lock with a Aeotec USB Z-Stick?
Concerning that it says the vision deadbolt is only compatible with Vera controllers, I thought as long as the freq and support in openzwave it should be OK… Very limited choices in Aus.
Doesn’t look like the Aus model ZM1701AU is supported by openzwave unless its the same as the ZM1701(don’t really want to shell out $250 for a brick!!)

I have Lockwood Z-wave Keyless Wireless Digital Deadbolt with the AeoTec USB Stick for some time and is very happy with it. Eventhough the name says keyless, can be operated with keys.

Interesting. What model do you have? Mine reports itself as a YRD240 in the home assistant interface, and it definitely doesn’t have a key cylinder.

did you look into the YRD256 as well ? it seems to be the new version of the YRD240

Vera Edge reports the model name as YRD220-ZW.
I had it set up with USB Stick previously and have migrated all my ZWave devices to Vera due to inflexibility of ZWave implementation in HA.

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If you go the DIY route on RFID, my buddys project could help

good for HID readers, theyre a bit old and not the most secure but they work really well :slight_smile:

Im in the same boat though, im from Sydney.

The Xiaomi door handle has zigbee, NFC and also a keypad, but its a full sized handle like the larger Samsung Ezons.

Im working on hacking my Ezon SHS-3321 to add MQTT to it

That’s the point of adding it, unless you have a better way? : D